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Rehearsal Dinner for $1K budget?

Hi All,

We got some extra money as a gift from FI's mother to help pay for a rehearsal dinner, so we now have $1000 to try to come up with an option. This may seem easy, but we have about 30-35 people just in our immediate family/wedding party (both our parents are divorced and remarried with kids between them), so we still have a limit to what we can do- can anyone suggest places that may work with this budget? Also, is it wrong to ask people to pay for drinks themselves if we cover the dinner portion or should we try to find that included? We are doing it Saturday night which makes it diffiuclt to find a room for it without a particular minimum to cover, so I feel overwhelmed with all the info I have floating around.

Thanks for any help!

Re: Rehearsal Dinner for $1K budget?

  • We were in a similar dilema as well, same amount of people, similar budget.  We decided that instead of a dinner we arranged for everybody to go mini golfing at a KISS themed course by the Hard Rock.  We are keeping it casual as some of our guests are wanting to check out some shows.  This way they could still fit in a show after or prior. 
  • Thats a really neat idea! I had thought about doing something less formal as well like maybe buying everyone's first round or going bowling or something, but my traditional family think I need to do a diner, so I am having those frustrations.
  • We had our reception at Battista's Hole in the Wall for 20 of us.  It was under $600 for everyone.  Wines is already included in the meal cost so that kept the total down really low.  Just an idea!
  • Thanks LeWheele79- Battistas is a family staple for my side of the family (We go every time we are in Vegas, whcih was every June for 16 years), but FI isnt te biggest fan- at this point, he may just have to get over it! :)
  • I love Battistas! The accordion player is the best. We were just there in July... I was so happy he was still alive! I think he's like 93 or something. 

    Anyways, good food and definitely affordable, between 25 and 35 pp and it includes house red and white wine.
  • If you like Mexican food, check out La Salsa Cantina. The do a limited menu (guest can pick one of 4 items) for $20/person. 
    DH's cousin did that for his reception and they gave them a secluded area in the restaurant. We looked into there for our reversal dinner but ended up doing an in-suite b/c there was only 12 of us
  • We are doing our bachelorette dinner at La Salsa Cantina. The food and beverage packages are really reasonable there.

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  • Where is La Salsa Cantina located at? I will have to look into them as well, but both are great for options because FI is a vegetarian (I LOVE MEAT< how does this happen?!) so he can have options at both!
  • I was thinking of doing something there too! There buffet pp starts at 23.99 or single plate at 19.99 I believe. Its near mgm right on the strip by the m&m store :)
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