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Flamingo Brides... Commemorative Brick?

Another Flamingo post! Who is getting a commemorative brick?

FI really wants one but at $150 I'm not 100% sold on the idea. I think it would be nice - but Im not sure whether we would really go back to visit it. Thoughts??

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Re: Flamingo Brides... Commemorative Brick?

  • Yea I read about it and I don't think were gonna do it either. We visit pretty often but I still don't see a point in it
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  • I say take the brick home and put it on the mantel :)
  • Think I'd pass on that; $150 for putting your name on a $1.50 brick seems excessive. :-)  You'd be better off carving your name into a wall somewhere discreet and finding that spot again each time you go back lol.

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  • didn't do the brick.  partially, because we didn't have the best experience with them.  but, regardless, it didn't appeal to me.
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