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North Carolina-Outer Banks


Anybody willing to say how much they paid for their hair/makeup? I just got quoted by hairoics $200-something for makeup which I was surprised at... I know its the Outer Banks and weddings are such a business...but I was surprised?!

Re: makeup

  • $85 up do, $65 make-up at the Sanderling. Bridesmaids up dos were $65.
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  • Hi there!

    I'm using Its Royalty, in Manteo, and it is about $200 for both Hair and Make up for the bride.

    $200 does seem a little steep for JUST make up.  are they travelling a far distance to you? Is that part of the fee?

  • I think I paid around $200 for hair, makeup, and travel fees with Bombshells.  If that's just makeup (no hair or travel), that's really steep.
    image June 22, 2012
  • lbb135lbb135 member
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    I'm using Hot Heads.  They charge $55 for makeup, hair starts at $70 (one of my bridesmaids is doing my hair so not sure what exact cost would be here), and travel fee is $100.  Free consult but just to talk over things & show photos, but if you want an actual trial you have to pay the fees.  I've heard good reviews on this salon so I'm hoping it works out in September!! 

  • @jendem8 did you like bombshells? That's who I'm leaning towards.
  • doceridoceri member
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    I just used bombshells for my wedding on Tuesday.  I thought they did a great job on hair/makeup for everyone.  My makeup was $65 and the girls were 55.  Same pricing for hair actually.  Travel fee of $160.  The only word of caution I have is that I had a lot of girls getting their hair done, which they knew about and they ran about an hour late in doing our hair.  So if there are a lot of you getting hair done maybe tell them to come earlier than they suggest.  I would totally use them again as they did a great job on everyone but just wished they had come earlier!!!
  • @doceri where did they have to travel to/from? How many girls is a lot? Thanks for the info (:
  • doceridoceri member
    Seventh Anniversary 10 Comments 5 Love Its
    They came to South Nags Head...they said they would be there at 8:45 to start at 9 and supposed to be done at 1:30 and they came at 9 (but that wasn't a big deal) - travel fee $160.  Including me 11 people got there hair done and 6 girls got makeup done.  Again, I think they totally did a great job I just wish they came an hour earlier!
  • Thanks! I will probably have 8 girls getting hair done, so I was just trying to figure out if that was a lot. I will plan to ask them to come early!
  • Sorry I missed your earlier post.  But yes, I did use Bombshell's and I was very happy!  We were also in South Nags Head.  I think they only charged $100 for the travel fee, but we only had 5 people getting things done.
    image June 22, 2012
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