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Are we all done? Now what?!

Hey ladies!

Just taking a break while I drink my a.m. coffee and get started on my work day. I am curious, are we all married now? This weekend was the last in July!

It's pretty quiet on our board now, which is to be expected! I know I was super busy the first week or so after my wedding and am frankly ready to move on from the wedding stuff (except the thank you cards and dealing with our registry - sigh). Is everyone else ready to move on? Curious as to what's next for you all as you enter this new chapter?

Our next big focus is buying a house, hopefully by the end of September/October and defnitely in time for the holidays. We're also officially trying to have a baby this month, which is exciting (hopefully!)

Do any of you plan to move on to the Nest or Bump or any of the other forums? I've gotten used to sharing my wedding details with you all, which was really great considering, who else on the planet would honestly care in that great of detail? LOL.

Anyways, hope all is well and if any of the group wants to stay in touch, we should figure out a "place" to do that! Also, keep posting those wedding pics! :)

Congrats to you alll again!


Re: Are we all done? Now what?!

  • crysspearscrysspears member
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    Hey! I've done all the registry stuff (20% off any macys stuff right now if you have a registry, btw) and thankyous are done. Were now trying to find a new place to move since FI got a new job in a different city!

    @DRG424 congrats on trying for a baby! I have a little baby fever, but im sure its from all the wedding excitement! I still have to work on some Post-bach. decisons and pick a career. I'm only 22 (H is 25) so we'll probably wait 4 years or so! But Im not going to lie, I am a bit jealous of you guys trying!!

    I have heard talk about there being a facebook group for July 2013, but Im not positive. If there is, I'd love to be invited! 
  • drg424drg424 member
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    Oh a new city - that's exciting! What a fun time - trust me, don't rush too much and enjoy being 22:)

    I'm 34 in September and DH will be 36 in December, so it's the right "time" for us. I am honestly glad I waited until now but also feel rushed to get things cooking so my eggs don't rot!

    If there is a FB group I'd join, too. It would be fun to check in every now and then - this forum has been a lot of fun and I'm glad I joined it as part of my wedding planning!


  • crysspearscrysspears member
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    Yeah, i definitely agree.. 4 years will be good enough for me to start whatever masters program I want to begin! And fingers crossed you get preggy quick!! 

    p.s. I thought you wouldve been 26 MAX so you have some goood genes! 
  • drg424drg424 member
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    Yep, I've gotten everything I could possibly want out of the way and I am so glad I did. Traveling, grad school, moving around, lots and lots of single-lady-party-time, etc. I don't know I would ever feel totally ready, but I don't feel like getting knocked up would limit my life in any way, which to me is a signal it's time :)

    And THANKS for the compliment LOL. Us older ladies need to be reassured that despite our advanced age we still can pass as non-senior-citizens :)

  • Hi ladies!! I'm trying to get some work done but I'd love to keep in touch with you too--why don't we create a facebook group?
  • Hello ladies. I have been trying to get our finances in order. The wedding hit us pretty hard and we honestly didnt get as much back as our parents promised we would. I have also been looking for a new job because my old job has no opportunity for growth. I had an interview today and I have a second interview tomorrow. Wish me luck! Our next big thing is preparing to move out of state. Hopefully to Seattle. But small things that are keeping my attention is my youngest son's bday party in 2 weeks. I would love to stay in touch and I would be willing to make the fb group. I am group owner of a few groups already. I was also planning on looking at the nest. Baby fever is here for me eve though I have two boys, but we are going to wait until next June to try.
    @drg424 yay for TTC. GL
  • Yay! Sounds good! And thanks @pam for volunteering to take on owning the FB group! Let me know if you need any help?

    Good luck, too, on your interview - I noticed you mention Seattle in another post and I meant to reply and let you know that I am from Washington (SW Washington - Vancouver - just outside Portland) and if you need any advice, just let me know!

    Glad to hear some of us want to stay in touch! It's nice having a place to chit chat about these things without driving friends and/or husband nuts :)

  • I am seriously glad the whole thing is over. It was beautiful, but oh my goodness, it was time consuming and stressful! I drove by a craft store this morning and stuck my tongue out at it because I didn't have to go... HA! Haven't been able to say that in months ;)
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