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Invites and Paper

DIY invites

I am looking into my own wedding invites and it all looks very simple the only thing I am wondering is how do all these posts on pinterest get those fancy corner designs and what not.

any suggestions for diy invites?!

Re: DIY invites

  • fancy corners can often be accomplished using a corner punch. check out a local craft store like Michaels or JoAnn's in the scrapbook section. or check out a scrapbook store. the bigger craft stores will have coupons for 10-15% off regularly and sometimes more.
  • As PP mentioned, those fancy corners are made with a corner punch.  You can get them at Michaels or other stores.  But, just a forewarning, they are a total pain in the ass.

  • I found a kit @ Micheal's last year on clearance for $10.  The kit was originally $30.  The reviews on the kit were that they were not very user friendly for the printing process, so I found a local printer and they printed them for $38 with the RSVP cards!  Well worth every penny.  Nice invitations are nice, but to me, this was never a huge detail.  I think you have to look at how much time you have on your hands, how crafty are you, and do you have friends you can enlist to help out with making/assembling/printing, etc??  And how important is this aspect of your big day?  If its not a huge detail for you, I wouldn't spend a lot of $ and I was pleasantly surprised with the final product of my Micheal's invites.
  • i have my a few of my girlfriends helping me out and I am not looking to spend alot of money at all I am thinking I can keep it kinda of cheap compared to how much I would be spending having them done. and honestly the only reason I want to them is because I know they will be how I want them and that my invites my wedding programs and thank you cards will all match. I AM FREAK WITH MATCHING! lol
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