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We have booked a destination wedding for Nov 2013.  Super excited!  Actually everyone is super exctied.  My one hang up, my mom and MOH seem to have differing ideas on when to through the Bridal Shower.  My mom is saying May is the best time as everyone is around.  My MOH is hoping to through it either late Aug or Sept.  MOH thinks May is too far off from the wedding date, as well as too close to her new baby being born.  I am now stuck between my mom and MOH.  When are you other November brides having your showers?

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  • August for me.  


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  • I'm having mine in June,  that is when my youngest sister (bridesmaid) will be in town and I want her to be able to participate in some of the wedding festivities.

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    No one's said anything about throwing me one.  When we first got engaged, I mentioned at a family dinner I didn't want a traditional shower with silly games and whatnot.  My aunt had a tizzy and said "well, i guess we won't through you one then".  So, I kinda doubt I'm getting one.  My mom doesn't have the money or the time to host one and my MOH is finishing up law school and taking the bar between now and my wedding.  Kinda sad, but oh well.  If I were having one, I would aim for closer to the wedding.  May seems awfully far away.  If your mom and MOH are hosting together, they should pick a time that works for both of them.  If May doesn't work for your MOH, then May shouldn't be an option.  
  • All I know is that mine is in August.  Many members of my bridal party are teachers and/or work in schools, so my one request is that we did it before they had to go back to school to make it easier on anyone.  They picked the date yesterday, but they won't tell me WHEN!
  • My wedding is at the end of November and my bridal party is looking at dates in October.  I like the idea of having the shower closer to the wedding so people get to know each other.
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    I am having one in august and another one in september

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  • My mom's best friend is throwing me a bridal shower at the beginning of September and then my MOH is throwing us a couples shower a week later so both in September.
  • A friend let it slip, so I know that the shower is August 11 now :)
  • My MOH is getting married in September so I threw her shower at the end of June so that it did not conflict with a lot of guests vacation, She told me mine would be in October after her wedding and everything settles down. 
  • My shower is Sept 7th, we had a hard time coordinating my mom's, sister's, and best friend's schedule. It was a little dramatic (my sister doesn't care much for my bestie) but thats ok, I'm not asking her to! 

    I'll admit to being more excited for the bachelorette party ;)
  • I don't think I am having any pre-wedding parties. 
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    We aren't doing any pre-wedding parties either.

    @MidniteRae, I'm UnicornMcBubbles on the proboards ML board.  I didn't realize we had the same wedding date!
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