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Affordable DJ

I'm trying to find an affordable DJ for our wedding.  The ceremony and reception will be at the same venue.  The ceremony will start at 6pm and will end at 6:15-6:20.  I would assume around 6:30 the music for the reception will start playing.  The reception will end at 10.  I am hesitant to spend so much on a dj that will only play music for about 3.5 hours.  Any suggestions or ideas are always appreciated.

Thank you :)

Re: Affordable DJ

  • What quotes have you gotten that were too much, or what budget would you like to stay under?  I'm looking for DJs as well, and I can kick you names when I come up with one. 
  • Where are you having it? Like what city?
  • I tasked the fiance to contact DJs.  A bunch were in the $2,000 then we met up with Austin from DJ Live Productions in Altamonte.  He was very responsive and upfront on his prices on the flyer.  He gives a the Knot $100 discount and a 20% military discount ($800 for 5 hours and unlimited up-lighting).  He got me into the bridal show this past Sunday so while I was there I priced more DJs.  None had a flyer with prices.  They made up the price as you spoke to them or quoted something very outrageous.  I noticed that if you told them where the ceremony was being held the price would change. 

    Yesterday I received an email from one of the DJs with a price of $1,750.  I told them about DJ Live's quote (I wasn't too nice) and they came back with $50 cheaper.   Although they are cheaper, the integrity of the upfront prices of Austin is worth the $50 to me.  I'm putting my deposit down today. 

    So talk the ones without a price sheet down, I think they know their prices are outrageous and want to fool us.   If you want to email DJ Live Productions:  Austin Beeghly  [email protected]
  • Angel Valle

    El Taino Entertainment (FB page)

    [email protected]


  • We used Elegant Entertainment, he was the most reasonable priced we found in the area.  
  • We are also using Joe from elegant entertainment.  He has been very helpful and even allowed us to create a custom play list for the entire evening! 

    He will be at our wedding from 5:00 all the way to 1:00 and I paid $875 which included up lighting and dance lights :)

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