Andalusia Mansion

Has anyone ever been to a wedding at Andalusia Mansion? From the website, the pictures look amazing. I was just curious to see people's opinions.

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  • Me and my fiance actually drove over to it because we couldnt find any info on it. The guy gave us a number to call of the person who books events there. He actually said that do very small amount of weddings there compared to what others do. Might be worth going over an just driving onto the property and ask for info. :) Good luck and I Hope this helps
  • I found a number and left a message yesterday so I am waiting for them to get back to me. Did they ever get in contact with you?
  • Oh my goodness, just got off the phone with them and they charge $10K rental fee - $5k is the rental and the other $5k is a donation!!!!!

  • If you like the Andalusia: you should also see check out the Aldie Mansion in Doylestown !  I'm getting married at Aldie in June and couldn’t be more excited.  The cost to rent the mansion varies between months, and also between days- but I can affirm that it is much more affordable than a $10k rental fee!  Heres a link to a helpful website:  It’s a beautiful space, and Jeffery A. Miller is the exclusive caterer.  We did our tasting last August and I cant wait to eat the food again in June!  All fresh, made from scratch.  Good luck: and I would be happy to answer any questions!

  • Thank you. I have contacted Jeffery Miller catering but have not heard back from them yet. That venue looks amazing. I was disapointed and shocked at the price!! 
  • Just got off the phone with someone over at Andalusia. Fell in love with this place ! 10k site rental fee. Outdoor reception only. 50k - 70k weddings here are on the LOW end. Wayyyy over my budget.
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