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Wedding Rehearsal Romper?????

so I bought a dress for my rehearsal dinner that I now want to wear to my I am looking for new rehearsal dinner attire... I came across this adorable it appropriate to wear to a more casual country club rehearsal dinner? I could dress it up with heels like these!

Re: Wedding Rehearsal Romper?????

  • Personally I wouldn't wear that to my rehearsal dinner.  I think it might be too risque for a RD. My family would be shocked if I wore that romper to our RD.  If you like it though, and you think that your family and friends won't be shocked, then go ahead!
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    Is there a dress code at the country club?
  • dress code...just casual. The whole front of the romper is covered up...I don't think it is risqué. I wanted to dress in something cute and different. I think I will buy it anyway and decide when it gets closer. ;)
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    It's perfect for a bp or shower, depending on where it is. If you are going on a honeymoon, it would be cute for a night out. I think a dress would be more appropriate for the RD. But of course, that's just one opinion. You know how your group dresses.
  • Sorry I'm anti romper at all times. I think your going to look silly wearing that to your RD
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    Only two year olds look good in rompers. 
  • The fact that it's coming from "Nasty Girl" really turns me off.  I think you are going to be judged hardcore if you wear this, especially to a country club.
  • I do not think it is a good idea for the RD. I do not like it though either. 
  • The 'nastygirl' thing also turned me off.

    I'm anti - romper for something like a rehearsal dinner.  While I don't think you need to wear a dress, I do think the romper is taking it to at least a borderline inappropriate level.
  • Innappropriate.  I'm sure you can find anothe occasion to wear it...maybe for your husband after the wedding ;)
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  • I like the romper a lot, and I certainly don't think it's too casual for a country club (it's actually quite dressy), but I think it might be too daring for a country club, both because of the open back and because it's a romper- country club attire, at least where I live, tends to be a lot more traditional, more sundresses and pearls.

    But you know your venue better than I do.  :)
  • I also find it quite inappropriate for an RD.  there is nothing about that romper that says "I know how to dress for the occasion and place."
  • It's cute. As long as your comfortable wearing it and you still look nice wear it.
  • where did you find this?!
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