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Photographer for DDB Tour?

Not sure if this is possible, because most photographers seem to have there own strip tours when looking on their websites. We are hoping to have DDB tour for us and guests after dinner and were wondering if we would be able to hire a photographer to accompany us and obviously take photos as we stop etc...

Is this something anyone else has done or planning and can you recommend a good photographer.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Photographer for DDB Tour?

  • We have booked Joey Allen to be our photographer for the whole day of our wedding and he will be coming on the DDB with us to do photos on and off the bus. I think most photographers would be flexible to joining you on the bus, just ask them when you request the quote :)

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  • I think most photogs you can hire will go wherever you want them to.  I know Joey and Todd have done strip tours pretty regularly.

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  • Thanks for replies wasn't sure if they would . I had looked on Todd Wilson site, will also check out Joey and get quotes.


  • I booked Todd for my DDB tour!  He seemed very accommodating.
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