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so i am so fusterated right now.. i  love allure morliee, bonny and venus gowns,... morliee was my first choice for gowns but after looking at some bonny and venus gowns with high laced backs and shorter sleeved lace arms( i am plus size) i am not so sure on the morielee  there is a place getting me 3 bonnys on loan from the designer for me to try on as they only carry the bridesmade line.. but no one in ct has the full unforgettble plus size line or the full bonny line the website has outdated info and one of the places i called said that she did not carry it plus the reviews on this place were very negative..

is there any bonny brides out there or plus size brides in ct i am willing to travel maybe to another state but like close to the ct border. 

davids bridal and alfred angelo are like not on my list of places to visit did the whole davids thing and did not like the staff the quality of the sample or the fit of the gowns. i want something unique and out of the box 

Re: wedding dress shopping vent

  • Bridal Bells Boutique in Berlin carries lots of plus size wedding dresses (I would say half her inventory is plus).  I'm not sure which lines she carries in plus but I know she does have Mori Lee.

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  • i am checking her out on saturday and love some of the gowns she carries but i am also in love with bonny gowns and cannot find them anywhere
  • As a PS Bride, I was incredibly surprised at the amount of dresses I was able to try on. We went to Stylish Impressions, Wedding Embassy, and Occasions. I also went to a few others but they stunk IMO so I don't bother to mention them.

    Wedding Embassy had a Plus Size trunk show for Casablanca Dresses last year that was fabulous. It might be worth giving Megan the owner a call and seeing if they might have another one. Great customer service!!

    But all in all 3 of these places carried a large variety of PS dresses. I ended up with

    Both Bridal Bliss & Stylish Impressions in CT are doing an Allure Trunk Show in August. Sometimes they give you an extra discount if purchased then.
  • thanks for the info got apointments at bridal bells, stars has 3 bonny gowns on loan ( they only carry the bridesmade line) and going ot make one with bliss i did find a bonny retalier but its in chicopie ma that would be my last resort if none of the morliee bonny loners or bliss had anything i liked i even called klinfeld and even they dont carry bonny 
  • RK Bridal has Bonny (as well as at least 100 plus gowns).  In NYC.  Better use of your time to go to a big store in NYC than running all over CT.
  • RK Bridal has Bonny (as well as at least 100 plus gowns).  In NYC.  Better use of your time to go to a big store in NYC than running all over CT.

    not sure if i want to try on bonny anymore went to a local place bridal bells in berlin they had morlie and i was able to try on over 13 gowns narrowed it down to 2 now 1 that i love checking out another salon on sat they have allures casablancas and a few other designers i want to be able to try on a few more gowns.. then will have my desicion made by this weekend 

  • I don't know about plus size gowns but the wishing well in the providence area. The staff was amazing ha d great selection of dresses (again I don't know about plus sizes) but they were very accommodating, Pam listened to what I wanted and I left there with the exact kind of dress I wanted (I even had it bookmarked in my magazine, but didn't know it was in the bunch of dress we picked out). Can't hurt to try it, if anything it should be a nice experience for you, I didn't like David's bridal either. Hope that helps
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