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Pro Pics Blog Post #2!!!

My photographer also posted some pictures from the big day! 
I came on to share and spent about 15 minutes looking at @crysspears pictures!

Here's where you can check mine out!

I can't wait to see the rest of my pics after this preview!!! :):):)

Re: Pro Pics Blog Post #2!!!

  • crysspearscrysspears member
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    @kls33145 LOOVE everything about your wedding!! It was soo pretty and the beach theme/ colors were perrrfect! Your invites and programs were soo pretty too! The sparkler exit was so pretty!! and you of course look soo happy and gorgeous!!

    and im pretty positive we have the same ring.. is yours from Jared, and by Scott Kay?? If it is how do you like how the matching band fits? We got my custom made so it fit flush together..

    Im soo exited about all your details I feel soo creepy! haha congrats again!!
  • drg424drg424 member
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    Okay I love these too! :) Makes me want to get married all over again!

    I love seeing how everyone's wedding came together and how happy everyone looks!!

    I love the later photos where you guys are dancing and your hubby is taking your garter off - he looks like he had a great time LOL. And the sparkler send off looks awesome - great photos!

  • Beautiful beautiful! Love the change in dress idea when you talked about it but I love it more now after seeing it. Everything looked beautiful. I love the story your photographer told. Beautiful
  • Thanks ladies!!!
    We finally got to see our full gallery and received our discs with all the images! It's so much fun lookin through them!!!

    @crysspears - my hubby got my rings from the boston jewelers building downtown. He had them design it specifically but it seems to be a common ring!! I absolutely love it!!! My center diamond fits over the wedding band perfectly so they look amazing together!! There's also a one year anniversary band for above the engagement ring.....can't waaaaiiitt for that!!!!!
    (There's a pic of it! Sorry for the awkward hand closeup!!)
  • OMG! Your wedding looked so beautiful!! And so did you!
  • @kls33145 ooh okay! it looked alot like mine! my E ring isnt custom but its a scott kay? not sure what it means but people like to tell me that. But my band it made so it fits how yours does! i love it! Its definitely a common ring but they all look different.. 
  • Beautiful pictures! I'm dyyyyying to get my pics back :-(
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