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No electricity at ceremony

We are being married in a beautiful park...but they do not allow us to pierce the ground and do not provide electricity service.
My fiance, cousin (who will marry us), and I are ok without microphones...however I would like music to walk down the aisle. Since we have differing tastes in music, my fiance and I thought to play a band named Bond, an all female classical band. This would save us money over hiring someone, but the next issue is how to play the music?

I've thought about just bringing a boombox with a CD, but how can I do this while hiding/drawing attention away from it? Also, would it be loud enough?

Has anyone overcome a similar situation?

Re: No electricity at ceremony

  • try to rent an amp or invest in a mini amp. just put it off to the side..the attention is going to be on you anyways and if you are really nervous about people seeing it have yourself a d.i.y. project for something to cover it up...almost all amps now have a connection for c.d.s of ipods
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