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Food for after drinking...

Our caterer suggested having sandwiches or other some kind of food made available for late in the night, not only just for more eating for those who stay for the whole event, but also so those who have been drinking have something more substantial than cake to eat before driving home. He said it's something he can provide (for an extra cost) or we can bring it in ourselves (stored in the venue's kitchen refrigerator). I think this is something that we'll actually do. I like the idea, plus for ME in case I don't eat enough during the day there will be something for me to eat. I get hemiplegic migraines and I know I'll be less likely to eat like I should and that could be a trigger and the LAST thing I want is a headache and trip to the er during my wedding/reception!

ANYWAY...has anyone done something similar? What did you serve? When is the best time to start pulling it out and making it available? The ceremony will start about 330pm, cocktails and apps immediately after, meal about 5ish (depending how long pictures take, could be sooner), reception ending between 12-1am.
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Re: Food for after drinking...

  • Lots of brides on this board have begun doing this (it's usually just called a late-night snack).

    Usually it comes out about an hour after the cake/an hour to an hour and a half before the end of the reception.

    The options are limitless.  Popular choices are French fries and milkshakes, sliders, pizza, soft pretzels and dip, food trucks with street foods......basically it's your chance to ditch the fancy-pants food and serve the junk food we all hate to love. =)

  • I'm doing this.   I'm serving hot fresh doughnuts, kolaches, pretzels with dipping sauce, rice crispie treats, and chips and queso and salsa.

    Our timeline is similar to yours:

    3pm ceremony
    3:30-5 cocktail hour
    5pm dinner
    6pm cake cutting
    9pm late night snack (round 1)
    11pm late night snack (round 2)
    12ish - everybody goes home.

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  • our timeline
    7.00 pm dinner 
    8.30 pm cake cutting
    midnight late night snack 

    our late night snack is going to be sort of a tribute to the region we are living in, which is a rather working class region, where people are not into fancy stuff, but prefer easy dishes... so it's going to be Currywurst, fries and different rolls... in fact late night SOUP is really common here (there's a special word for it in fact), but FI doesn't like soup too much... 
    if you invite vegetarians, you should provide a vegetarian option as well... 

    for your timeline 9.30-10 pm is probably a good time to serve your snack
  • We are going to set up a make your own trail mix station with popcorn, candies, nuts, etc... and put out little bags so guests can mix up whatever they want.
  • Thanks everyone :) 
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  • My sister did this and honestly, it was a great idea with the open bar.   Nearly everyone was local, but it's always nice to not have everyone leaving drunk, even if they have a designated driver (which, let's face facts, not everyone does).

    She did chicken wings, sandwich fixings, some dips with chips (like baked dips like spinach and something else), and then a few snacky to-go things like various chez mixes and I think some nuts. There were some sweet options as well, like cookies and brownies.  
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  • @icecreamS04 - I'm really curious about what late night soup is called...  :)



  • @kryan32 - it's 'Mitternachtssuppe'...
  • Agree with everything NOLA said.  We did a late night snack of mini lobster rolls and potato chips. They came in little card board takeout boxes and we had lids available if people wanted to take them home.  A bunch of them got taken back to the hotel for after parties. 

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