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MotB and MoH live out of state! How to Include

Both my mothers and my maid of honor (sis) live out of state (I'm in Co and they're in Az and Wa).
I don't know how to include them! My lil sis just recently got married and failed to include my Bio mom out completely, and I don't want to follow in her footsteps. My other mom lives in Az, and I also want to include her, as I am equally close to them both. And my sister (MoH) lives in Wa. She was removed from MoH duty by our other sister (the Bridezilla of the family) and I really want her to be my special person in my wedding. How can I include everyone?! Help please!

Re: MotB and MoH live out of state! How to Include

  • How can your sister kick your Maid of Honor out of your wedding? Or was your Maid of Honor her Maid of Honor, and the sister kicked the MOH out of her own wedding?
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     If they want to be included more but can't be b/c of the distance, just do your best at keeping them in the loop. Ask their opinions about things. Send them pictures of stuff. 

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  • None of my bridesmaids NOR my mom NOR my FMIL live in the same state as me.  Yet I still manage to keep most of them informed of major wedding decisions.

    For stuff that you might actually want your girls there, like dress shopping or something, you may have to be creative by using facetime or something of that nature.  Or you may just have to accept that it's impossible for them to be there for every second of your engagement. 

    I also try to make an effort to ensure that I'm asking about my bridesmaids/moms lives as well.  No one wants to hear wedding talk all the dang time :) 
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  • Thanks Ladies! 
    @alasgida Her Maid of Honor is our sister. She kicked her sister out of her wedding. Now her exMoH is my current MoH.

    My sister and mothers really want to be apart of it, and both of them are funding the entire wedding, and it would be terribly rude to not do my best to include them. And my MoH has had her heart broken by our wifezilla sister, and I can't do the same to her.

    I'm going to try skyping and shipping them DIY stuff, and have it shipped back. I have skype on my phone so they can go to Vendor visits with me, and we bought them plane tickets to come help me find a dress.
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