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Hi everyone.

I set up and appointment with Eric (photographer) on Aug. 16th.  The day after, I received an email from her studio manager asking if I wanted to do the consultation by phone instead of waiting until Aug. 16th.  She told me that she wanted me to be aware that at times Eric has appointments with brides and he is booked on the spot.
My question to you is; do you guys ever done a phone consultation? how does it work? Should I say yes? 

Re: Question - consultation.

  • I think it depends on how badly you want to have this photographer shoot your wedding. If you would be really upset that he was booked on your day and you had to find someone else, that's your answer. You want Eric.
    But if you would be ok with your 2nd choice photographer, then don't rush into making a decision.
  • I agree with PP.  If you really want that person and would be crushed if you didn't have them shoot your wedding then do it over the phone and look at their pics on their website and facebook (if they are on there)- you'd probably see the same pictures in the studio anyway.   I think it also depends on when your wedding is- yes they may booked quickly but is your wedding peak season or not and how far out is your wedding- them getting booked depends on that too.  My FI and I took a while to make our decision and our photographer wasn't booked (then again it was Nov when we met with him) and he's quite popular now (not sure if the Eric you mean is Eric Brushett or not but that's who we have).   Good Luck!

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  • If you've seen his work and are confident that you like his work then a phone consultation should be ok to see if you mesh with his personality.  However, if you don't know anyone first hand that has used him then I would definitely meet in person and ask to see his work.

    Although I was MOH in my cousin's wedding and knew my photographer, my H had never met him and had to meet him to seal the deal.  It's really up to you.
  • thank you all.
    @betje81 Its Eric Foley. Here is his link in case anyone wants to check him out.  He's work is really good, but I don't want him that bad. :)  I will wait.
  • I've actually been wondering the same thing about vendors in general. I'm planning for October 2014 and the only time I can afford to go back is early/mid December, so I may end up doing phone consultations but I'd prefer not to. August 16th is nothing in comparison to how long I may be waiting, so I'd say just keep it :)
  • I would wait until you can meet with him in person.  He has to present himself professionally in person, not just over the phone. You may find him to be great, or you may find him to be disorganized or clumsy.  If you won't die by not booking him, wait.  If he books your date before your scheduled consultation, then it wasn't meant to be and you can move on.
  • Depends on your schedule.  If your like me and work a lot of hours it seems much more convenient to have a telephone consult.  I would ask if their studio offer Skype consults?  Nothing out of the ordinary for me; I sit in on telephone conferences at work often.
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