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Internet Pledge Wedding

I have never heard of this. Has anyone? The couple were stationed in different countries so couldn't wed in person. Online, they were able to pledge their vows and were married thus in Montana. Anybody know anything about how this works?


Thank you.

Re: Internet Pledge Wedding

  • It's called a By Proxy marriage and is not recognized as more than a common law marriage in all states.  
  • I see. They want to be stationed together. Do you happen to know if the feds acknowledge it? Most states or few states don't recognize it? Thanks,
  • Can they not get leave together to get married?  How much longer are they each stationed in separate places?  Also, being married does not guarantee that you will be stationed together.  I have a very good friend who didn't listen to us when we told her marriage did not guarantee being stationed at the same base.  They are closer to each other now, but still live 5 hours apart and not together like they thought they would.  
  • Also, from what I've read, it's only recognized in a few states and usually only if one person was deployed.  I could be wrong.  If someone has more info to share, please do.  
  • I'd be careful with this. An oriental young lady married a US soldier while he was deployed, and he ended up KIA. However, the military has so far won on her not getting the benefits she's entitled to, which includes the child she has been proven to have conceived with him receiving the death benefits he's entitled to as well.
  • Cheetah2B said:
    An oriental 
    I don't think we use that descriptor anymore...
    I hate Dave Ramsey
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