Super Tight Budget Venues Eastern/Central CT and Western MA

Hi everyone,
    Looking for super budget friendly venue ideas for a December wedding for 50-75 people. Fiance and I are paying for everything ourselves and finances are extremely limited since I was laid off for almost a year.  I'd like something elegant and unusual  if at all possible (my ideal location is the Rocky Point Casino or Mark Twain House but both are well beyond my budget). We are not opposed to Friday or Sunday for a wedding date. It has to be wheelchair accessible though.
  Any suggestions?

Re: Super Tight Budget Venues Eastern/Central CT and Western MA

  • The Foxon Country House in East Haven is nice and has good prices. My dad and stepmom had their wedding reception there a few years ago in December and it was gorgeous and the food was great. 
    Here's a link to their wedding packages. I also think you can get a discount for having it in December

  • I went to a December wedding at the Publick House in Sturbridge, MA and it was lovely! And the food (plated) was delicious. I don't think they're very expensive at all. And the place was already decorated for winter/Christmas so it didn't seem that the couple had to do much for that.
  • Mystic Aquarium - can't get much more unusual. 
  • Riverfront Recapture in Hartford, right on the water!!!   Very affordable!
  • I'm getting married in December at the Inn at Middletown.  They were more than willing to work with me and my tiny budget.  :)
  • Thanks so much for the info, Publick House is definitely on our list. Unfortunately my fiance refuses to even consider the Aquarium! I will check out the other places too. There is so much to do in very little time! 
  • It isn't a lot of time, but December is kind of a weird month (especially in CT) to get married.  Places will probably work with you on a lot of things because they'll be glad for the business.  
  • My friend is having her wedding here in October: La Cupola in Litchfield. She is only having 75 people as well, and they're also paying for it themselves. I don't know how much per person though.
  • Thanks LaurenDarling, but Litchfield is too far west for us :( It looks lovely though. We're going to check out Publick House this afternoon. 
  • What did you think of Publick House?  Did you check out Old Sturbridge Village too?  I saw their winter package and it seemed very reasonable...did you find that as well?
  • I really liked Publick House. I've been there before as a kid, and going this weekend just reinforced the memory I had. Plus I'm about to start applying for PhD programs in History, so it fits me more. My fiance is still mulling it over, especially since getting married there in Jan would mean we would likely have to do our honeymoon before the ceremony.

      Sturbridge Village I'm eh about. I've never been thrilled with the food
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