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Change my mind about my veil don't know what to do!

Ok so my mother purchased a veil when we got my dress that she liked because it had the blusher but wasn't really what i wanted but i agreed to get it at the time because it would make her happy and she was buying it but every time i look at the pictures of me in my dress from when we bought it i really hate the veil its nothing like i want and i don't know what to do i have tried talking with my mom and telling her i changed my mind and what i really want is something completely different she doesn't understand and just keeps saying that the other veil is what she wants and she paid for. i tried calling the store and ask if it can be exchanged but the lady wasn't really helpful. I don't know much to do because the veil just isn't the look i want and i don't want to purchase a different veil and still have the one my mom bought as its a waste of money and would hurt her feelings. 
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Re: Change my mind about my veil don't know what to do!

  • What does your dress and veil look like?  What is the veil style you want instead?  If we see pics maybe we can figure out a way to get you what you want with what you have.
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  • If I have managed to read through this correctly, your mom purchased your veil at the same time as the dress. Now you don't want that veil. Don't go behind your mom's back to change it. 

    If you want a different veil, talk to your mom. Be honest, and say, "Mom, I've given it a lot of thought and I'd rather have a veil like <this one>." Yes, have the one you'd rather have picked out already, or have the style you want already selected. Have you tried your dress on recently with the veil? Why don't you like the veil? Is it just because of the blusher? If you don't want to wear the blusher, just leave it off your face, like it would be after your dad or groom lift it.
    [Deleted User]amaryann210
  • I have told my mom about that i don't like it and want a different one she told me to talk to the store but she isn't happy i don't want it its about elbow length with a lusher to come to the front and i really want is a single layer chapel length. i have a pic i changed the beading on my dress though. 
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  • Honestly? I think the chapel length veil would be too much with your dress. There's a lot of fabric on the bottom half - it's a very pretty dress, BTW - but I'd be concerned the veil would take away from it. Personally, I'd stick with the elbow length veil without the blusher. Try flipping the blusher to the back to see what it looks like.
  • I agree with lp, there's too much texture at the bottom of your dress for a chapel length veil.  If you don't like using the blusher, then flip it back and leave it that way.

    For what it's worth, I think it looks great together.
  • i personally think it looks great together as well.
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