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August Weather Breckenridge

Hi everyone!

We're getting married on August 30, 2014 (yes, I know it's Labor Day) in Breckenridge.  We are planning on an outdoor ceremony followed by an indoor reception.  My question is: at what time of day do the summer rains come? We'd like to make our ceremony as late as possible AND get some blue skies for photographs.  If anyone has any advice, let me know!

Thank you!!

Re: August Weather Breckenridge

  • It's August in the Rockies...the last couple of years it's been fairly dry...hard to say.
    Normally you can get a shower or so mid afternoon...or snow!  Or be beautiful blue bird sky.
    I would have a plan B in case the weather is not what you want...

    It's been snowing this past month...and I'm "praying" for it to melt by the end of May and for the same thing...blue bird sky on Memorial Day!  Aspens with leaves would be awesome too!

    Good luck.

  • Usually the rains hit in mid afternoon and then clear up.  Definitely make sure you have a plan B in your contract with the venue.  I am getting married in September and am planning a noon ceremony on the mountain.  That way we are indoors during the mid afternoon time.  We are then travelling to a lake for sunset pictures. 
    Good luck!
  • Thanks for the responses!! It seems like it's sort of a toss.  We'll have a plan B and hope for the best :) 
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