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Wedding music for ceremony and reception

So I was just wondering what everyone thought of Brandon Heath's "Love Never Fails" when I walk down the isle?  I like "A Thousand Years," but it's so overused now.  What instrumental songs are you using?

Also, what did everyone play when the bridal party enters the reception?  I feel like it should definitely be up-beat, but I have no idea what to use.

Re: Wedding music for ceremony and reception

  • I don't know the song but if you like it then use it. I too am having song issues because that is the one thing that my fiancé and I totally differ in. He picked the song for our 1st dance and what we are walking out to but I was thinking of letting my girls (and if the groomsmen have a suggestion) pick the music since they will be the ones walking out to it. To be honest nobody will really remember it in the long run. I have NO CLUE as to what songs I walked out to in the last 2 weddings I was in and the one was just last year! lol Good luck and happy planning!!
  • My the processional, I'm having a string trio play Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen, which with the lyrics wouldn't be a great fit, but instrumental only is lovely!

    I'm glad you mentioned the part about the bridal party entering - I hadn't thought of that. Oops.

  • Wedding party entry was Make this a night to remember by Shalamar
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  • That is a very sweet song, I would definitely use it for your walk.

    I'm having a multi-cultural wedding. I think the wedding party is going to enter with traditional Armenian music, which is very upbeat and fun. 

    I think "A Little Party Never Killed Nobody" from the Great Gatsby would make a fun entry song. Someone mentioned "I believe in a thing called love" from The Darkness in another thread as well. That is such an awesome over the top song!
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