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Anyone planning on winging their first dance rather than choreographing or practicing?

I really like the idea of our first dance being natural and organic but am I inviting an awkward disaster if we do this?  Any thoughts?

Re: Anyone planning on winging their first dance rather than choreographing or practicing?

  • I despise choreographed dances.  Nothing romantic about trying to remember your next dance step.

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  • I don't like choreographed dances... 
    but in my opinion you should pratice dancing with your partner before the wedding because:
    1.) you might figure out the 5 minute version of your song is just too long and you might ask your DJ/somebody to create a shorter version
    2.) you are more relaxed and it looks more natural if you know that you can dance to that song
    3.) even if you practice dancing, your first dance is still going to be a unique moment
  • I find choreographed dances silly. It's not supposed to be a show. Kind of like staging your first kiss " Do you think I will look prettier  to the guests on second row, if I tilt my head this way? "

    Dance the way you always do, even if it means just shifting your body left and right. It's not meant to impress the guests with your skills.
  • wosser said:
    I really like the idea of our first dance being natural and organic but am I inviting an awkward disaster if we do this?  Any thoughts?
    H and I went to a dance studio and had a professional dancer teach us how to "really" dance (we learned a bunch of classic styles). We ended up deciding the day before the wedding to not try to focus on anything we learned and just be fully present in the moment. I can't tell you how glad we both were that we did it that way. All of our attention was on each other and made for a really sweet memory.

  • doeydodoeydo Southwestern Ontario member
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    FI and I will just be regularly slow dancing.  Personally, I am not a fan of choreographed first dances because it takes away from the romance and pureness of the moment.   
  • We just got up there and slow danced - it was perfect. It is one of my favorite memories from our wedding and its actually my favorite series of photos from that day. Me looking up at him smiling, him kissing my forehead, whispering in my ear.... Nothing was choreographed or posed, we were just enjoying a moment to ourselves.
  • FI has only danced with me twice. Once while we were alone in our living room and a romantic song he loves came on -- I literally cried while dancing with him because it was so sweet; and then the second time he was drunk off his ass and didn't care about anything.

    Most of the time he refuses to dance because it makes him uncomfortable, so all of the weddings we've been to together, the masquerade we went to, the parties, he just doesn't dance.

    One of my only requests of him for our wedding is that he dances with me for our first dance. So it will definitely be just the two of us awkwardly out there moving back and forth to a song we've already picked out, but I anticipate it being one of the most emotional moments of the night for me because it otherwise just never happens. I would never risk that sweet moment between us in order to look rehearsed.
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  • KatWAGKatWAG Chicago member
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    We winged it. But during our first dance H stepped on my tulle dress and put a hole in it. So maybe we could have used some practice!
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  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston member
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    I don't expect to choreograph or practice a first dance, but I think we would pick a tune we both feel comfortable dancing to.
  • We danced to the song a couple of times in our living room just to get a feel for it. But we didn't choreograph anything, and I don't think that will take away from the spontaneity and romance of the moment.
  • Unless you are both professional dancers, I think it's ridiculous to have a choreographed dance.  It's stilted and uncomfortable to watch.  I did go to a wedding once where the couple were professional ballroom dancers and they had a beautiful choreographed dance.  I still didn't enjoy it.  It looked like a professional dance, not a sweet wonderful moment between newlyweds.

    I'm all for the unscripted slow dance - the point for me is to watch these people who love each other enjoy that moment together.

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    That all was exactly what I had hoped to hear!  Thank you and best wishes to you!
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