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Venue Help?

Hi! FH and I have been searching for a venue basically since the moment we got engaged a few months ago and are having no luck at all :( We're in the Southwest Florida area and FH lives in Naples,Fl so we've been looking over in that area. The venues that we've seen have been nice however, either WAY out of our budget (over $40,000 just for the venue and catering), don't allow outside catering, or aren't large enough to hold all of our guests (~150). I feel like I'm at a standstill in finding a venue and would like to send out the STD's in the next month since the majority of our guests are coming from out-of-state. I honestly did not think that it would be this difficult to find a venue! Has anybody else been having trouble finding a venue? Also, if anybody is in the southwest florida area, do you know of some affordable venues that can accommodate ~150 guests? Thanks! 
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Re: Venue Help?

  • I would suggest your local board as well.  I'm not planning on sending my STD's until mid November so I think you have time to look around before sending out STD's even though the majority of your guests are out of town.


  • I have gone on my local board, but the problem is that I'm in the middle for both the Florida-West Coast and Florida-South and nobody seems to be in my area so I'm a little confused as to which one to go on, if that makes sense. 

    @elbecko I'll have to look into a park, just have to run it by FH. That's great you found a park for $100! 

    @peaseblossom55 I guess we will have to hold off on sending the STD's as well. 
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  • Yeah don't worry about STD for out of town guests just yet.  We also aren't sending ours out until about Novemberish.  Our families did send a quick email to any immeadiate family needing to travel just to say "hey FYI this is the date, you'll be get a formal STD when they get their engagment photos done."  The email worked out just great to get travel plans in place if it wouldn't completly offend your sense of ettiqute ;)

    We also used a parks district venue and saved a ton on room rental fees.

  • We're sending STD's out in the next few weeks, we are having a Destination Wedding though. We have reserved a room block, and once it's gone the rates are subject to going up. We want everyone to be able to get in on the room block if they want too, plus they need to start planning/budgeting/etc for the trip next summer if they plan to attend. 
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  • It might not be as "classy", but have you tried looking at town halls/borough halls? That kind of things? My area has quite a few to choose from and I'm wondering if your's does, too. I've seen prices ranging from $200-700, and they pretty much always allow outside catering. You'd be surprised at how much you could spice it up with decorations! My FI and I were really close to going that path because we were in a predicament similar to your's.
  • I agree with @sder0320. FI and I are getting married in the town armory. It holds 250 people and allows outside catering and outside alcohol as long as someone has insurance. Use of the space and kitchen is going to be less than $1000. It's just a gym, but it will do. We also looked into a local center for the arts, which was way cheaper, but too small.
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  • @sder0320 I'll have to look into it. Not sure if there are any in the area and if they allow outside events but something to look at

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  • Good luck! I actually attended at wedding at a borough hall last weekend ... they paid $200 to rent it for the whole night and it looked great! Hope you can find something. :)
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