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Monogram Lighting on Dancefloor

Has anyone done this or been to a wedding where they had it?  I've been pictures and I think it looks like a nice touch, but I've never seen it in person.  Any thoughts?
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Re: Monogram Lighting on Dancefloor

  • I think it looks cool, but I wouldn't pay extra for it. I know some DJs include it in their lighting package though.
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  • Personally, I'm not a fan. I think it looks kind of 90s and reminds me of a rollerskating rink for some reason. You and your guests would probably be much happier if you spent this money on an additional app, dessert or bar upgrade.

  • I've seen it a bunch of times.  Eh, not my thing.  I certainly wouldn't pay extra for it, but like MrUniverse said, sometimes DJ's include it.  I just don't like monograms everywhere.  People know who you are or they wouldn't be at your wedding- they don't need your names or monogram forced on them everywhere they look. 

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  • Blue_BirdBlue_Bird Bawlmer member
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    I think it looks a little cheesy, sorry. But if it's something you think you two will enjoy, go for it. :)
  • Eh...I don't care about it.  I think it is just another "thing" that people pay for like ice sculptures, uplighting, etc.

    You surely don't NEED it but if you have money to spend - or if it is included in a package - then go for it.

    But...whatever you do...do NOT do things like a monogram, etc. until you have ABSOLUTELY taken proper care of guests in every.way.possible.
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  • We're getting it from our DJ, kind of accidentally. He had mentioned when sending information about uplighting and the photobooth that the monogram was an extra $99. I thought for some reason he meant on the photostrip. I was kind of like "well I don't know why they charge to put that on the photostrip, but whatever." It wasn't until we got our contract and it was listed as a line item that I realized what it actually was. We just kind of went with it at that point.

    I think we'll put it up on a wall though. not sure about the dance floor. 
  • We looked into it, but once anyone starts dancing you can't see it unless the DJ projects it onto a wall or something. If it's included, by all means take advantage, but I personally would consider it a waste of money.
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