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June 21 2013 wedding at the lakeside manor in gibbsboro

Hi everyone,

My wedding is booked for 6/21/13 at the Lakeside manor in gibbsboro. Just went for a tasting and we loved the food. I am curious of any ladies that may have recently had their wedding there or have been to one recently. I've read all good reviews about the venue, and some iffy reviews about management being flighty which I won't disagree on. I'm working with that so that's not why I'm posting. I'm curious to see how the weddings were and how well the venue was prepared for the wedding. It's a small place set back on a private lake, I don't read many reviews or postings on it, so I figured I would make one. I know that What I have heard so far is all positive. Just nothing really recent. Any comments would help!

Re: June 21 2013 wedding at the lakeside manor in gibbsboro

  • Hi! Just wondering if you ended up having your wedding at the lakeside manor? If so do you have any feedback ?! I am thinking about having it here but have heard mixed reviews... Also if you don't mind answering (you don't have to!) how much did you spend? Did you have alcohol ? How many people? I'd love any feedback at all!!! Thanks :)
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