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Help! Need a non-sappy father dance song! What's yours?

My October wedding is pretty much all planned. However the one peice that is stressing me out is finding a nice Father-Daughter song that won't make me cry and won't be too cheesy.

We are considering having my FH and his mom break into the song halfway to make it more fun and interesting so i would love suggestions that would be appropriate for both.

What are your songs? 

My Dad is a rock and roll era kind of guy.  I wanted to to Beatles: In My Life  as the lyrics are beautiful and the band is a favorite, but it just seems to fast to dance to for this occasion.

Sorry, but if anyone says Butterfly Kisses or Daddy's Little Girl, I'm liable to barf. . . 

Re: Help! Need a non-sappy father dance song! What's yours?

  • How about My Wish by Rascal Flatts? I know its not rock & roll but theyre an edgier country band. This is the song I'm dancing with my father since I didn't want anything mushy either! GL!
  • Not any kind of rock song, but there are several remakes of "How Sweet it is to be Loved by You." At least it's upbeat. Plus my dad would want a short song. He's not a fan of being up in front of people for long! I like the idea of groom and MIL joining in. It really is hard to find a daddy-daughter song that isn't sappy!
  • we're doing "it wont be like this for long" by darius rucker. I didn't want a sappy song either and i thought this one was still sweet without being too sappy. Good luck! :)
  • I don't think "In My LIfe" is too fast. I'm currently thinking about "Forever Young" The Bob Dylan version or "Wildflowers" By Tom Petty. I'm going to get my dad's input this week. He's also big into classic rock and folk music, so I'm thinking he'll have some of his own ideas as well.
  • We are going with "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac and we will both be dancing with our parents.
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    I think that I may do "My Girl" by The Temptations. I need a non-sappy song too but for other reasons(I am too emotional).

    This song is special because I am born in the month of May and my parents gave me a pig that sang  this song when I went away to college :)
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    If my dad wants to dance we will be using "You are My Sunshine" because he used to sing that to me and my sister when we were little.  As a happy coincidence my FMIL used to sing that to my FI so we can both dance with our parent to the same (short!!!) song.
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  • Temptations "My Girl"!!!  It's fast tempo'd and cute and not sappy where it will make you cry
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    Mine is totally cheesy so probably no help to you at all-- my dad and I are going to dance to "You'll be in my Heart" by Phil Collins.  It's from the Disney Tarzan soundtrack.  My family loves Disney, plus we liked that it's upbeat but still sweet.
    My runner-up was "Father and Daughter" by Paul Simon.
    I think that "In my Life" is a fantastic choice-- not too fast for the occasion at all.

    ETA- missed a word
  • I think Amos Lee's 'Sweet Pea' is really cute! And my dad used to call me Sweet Pea too, so I guess it's fitting for us. It's not sappy and I like the beat :)
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