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During our couples shower we had Pandora on Michael Buble's station and I heard a song I thought was on our possible first dance song's list so I had my fiance turn it up and listen to see if he liked it too... Well, he didn't look at the name of the song or who was singing it, but I'm pretty sure it was "Feels Like Home" but it wasn't Chantal Kreviazuk singing, it sounded more like Norah Jones or Sarah McLachlan and now I can't find it ANYWHERE! It has to be out there somewhere since Pandora played it! I'm so mad I didn't look at my phone when it was playing it or like it or something! We love the song and want to use it as our first dance song and it's driving me NUTS that I can't find the version we heard on Pandora!!! Please help!

Re: Help!!!

  • youtube the song usually comes up with all the arists that sang/sung it! Good Luck


  • Or listen to pandora on the same station they always repeat songs!!


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    Do you remember any of the lyrics? Give them a Google. 

    ETA: *Face palm. You just said you were pretty sure it was Feels Like Home. I've never heard any other artist sing that besides Chantal. 
  • It might be too late but if you log into pandora online it shows a list of recent songs you listened to
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