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Wedding Bug sucks!!!!

I wanted to post this so that other brides do not fall into the same mess my sister and I did.  We both booked Wedding Bug as our wedding photographers.  My sister's wedding was this past October.  Her photographer was ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE.  Unfortunately, I am not exaggerating.  The pictures were blurry, gray, and of terrible quality.  You can tell just by looking at the pictures that the photographer's equipment was bad and she had no skill.  Everything about Wedding Bug lacks quality.  They have an "edit" package where supposedly they will photoshop and spruce up a certain amount of images.  Melissa bought this extra.  Turns out you are the one editing the photos!  And editing is stretching it, more like just turning a colored photo to black and white.  My kodak program that came with my $100 camera does the same stuff.  What a joke.  Because my wedding is not until the spring, I immediately called the company.  They said you have to give the photographer direction.  Um, I thought I was paying a grand for someone to provide a service, not for me to direct and babysit a novice photographer. 

Needless to say, I cancelled with them.  They are refusing to give me my deposit back, even though they did not provide any service yet.  I cannot express enough how bad this company sucks.  Its criminal.  My fiance took better pics at my sister's wedding than the hired photographer! 

Sorry for the long post.  Hopefully it's not too much of a rant, but I hope it can disuade any brides from using Wedding Bug's or its sister company, The Pros.  Wretched business! 

Re: Wedding Bug sucks!!!!

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    I wish I had seen this before my wedding.  :(
    I got a horrible photographer and an even worse DJ. 
  • Yes. Yes they do. Wedding Bug, The Pros, Bella, George Street Photo, David's Bridal Photography . . . they all produce this kind of work. They find their photographers on Craigslist and pay them a super low wage. There is no kind of consistency with these huge companies who just contract random "photographers". It's really a shame because they take a ton of business away from individual artists/business owners and produce awful results. So sorry for your experience.
  • Sorry this had happened, but def good to know!!! Someone from the wedding bug keeps contacting me, but I'm really not going to use their services!
  • Take them to small claims. I hate these stories of so called professionals who are anything but, feeding on us and our weddings.
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