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October 2013 Weddings

Stress, relief and registry stalking

I think I never really knew what stress was until I became the boss as work, bought a house and have been planning a wedding, all in the same six months.  I'm a glutton for punishment.  I know, in the end, it's worth the interrupted sleep and crying at every wedding show I watch when the bride walks down the aisle. 

The good news: we are closing on our house on Tuesday!!!  It's finally over!  FI has taken care of everything and is going to help me pack this weekend so we can start moving as soon as possible.  Also, FI's parents are definitely coming to the wedding (oh the drama- his mother threatened a few months ago that she wouldn't be coming because we didn't invite the neighbors, whom neither FI or I know).  This news was enough to make me cry (tears of relief) last night. 

My shower is a week from tomorrow and I need to stop checking my registry every hour.  That may only be a slight exaggeration. 

How are you this Friday?


Re: Stress, relief and registry stalking

  • I so know what you mean. We just put in an offer on a house (2nd one in 3 months) and we should know if ours was accepted in the morning. I feel like I am leaking money!
  • I hear you!  I got a promotion at work just as I turned the corner into serious wedding planning and I wish I could go back to myself a year ago and say "treasure the moments where this is all you have to worry about!  Breathe!"   There's a new level of stress, which is making the wedding even more exciting...because after the wedding I don't have to worry about saving the money or spending the time of planning!  Married AND more relaxed....how brilliant is that!

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