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First Look

We are thinking of doing a first look. Do the parents usually go to that? We are trying to save $$ by having one limo that picks the groom and best man up and  brings them to the B &B I am staying at and then have that one limo bring the bridal party of 4 to the ceremony

We are trying not to offend anyone but an extra limo seems like an unnecessary expense and we want the first look to be intimate.

Re: First Look

  • My brother and SIL did a first look and all of us girls watched from the limo.  Probably not ideal but I got a great pic of my brother crying.  After that the entire bridal party went and took more pictures.   If you want it more intimate, ask the bridal not to come out of the B & B until after your first look pics are done.
  • I did a first look with bridal party and parents.  What happened was limo picked up myself and BM's and brought us too the location (about 15 minutes from getting ready location).  Groom and his BM were driven by groom's dad to first look location (about 15 min from where guys got ready).  groomsmen came into limo while bride met groom for initial photos.  parents arrived about an hour after first look started, then more photos taken.  Entire wedding party took limo to wedding party and parents took cars to wedding.
  • We did our first look with our bridal party and parents looking on. However, they all showed up in their own vehicles- we didn't provide any transportation for them. It's okay for people to drive themselves. 
  • what is a first look?
  • @gracediva, it's when the betrothed couple sees each other before the ceremony on the wedding day.  It can be much more exciting and emotional than seeing each other for the first time 50+ feet away down the aisle in front of a large group of people sticking their iPads, cell phones, and cameras in your face to get a photo. :(  It helps get all the nerves out, too, and if you plan it right with your photographer(s), you can even get in 15 minutes of alone time, as it will likely be the ONLY alone time you two will get the whole day!  Ha ha.
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