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Barn, Rustic, Outdoor, Country, WNY, Buffalo area, Private...

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Hello, I am looking for a venue that I can rent for my wedding, that has a farm/ barn / country feeling where I can have a ceremony and reception afterwards. I have seen a few but the grounds are not that great, except for this private property that someone suggest, (https://www.facebook.com/LaEspositaBonitaWNY/photos_stream)
the landscape is beautiful, it has a barn and the best part.... it will be exclusive for our event; however, I will need to rent chairs for the ceremony, tables, but they allow my own catering (which I love because I can pick a caterer within my budget) and restrooms for the day. I need to send an offer for this place, and I need some suggestions because I have no idea how much I should pay, and I am afraid to offer too low that they will turn me away. Here are some pictures of the place so you can judge for yourself. Please let me know how much I should offer. I have no found any comparable around here and the closes one was in PA, which charge $1100 for an outside ceremony (only) in front of a building and allow multiple weddings the same day if you don't rent the whole place which will be too expensive, and I prefer no onlookers or wedding crashers, and also this place have a JD tractor that I want for my pictures background... any suggestions in price to offer will be appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Barn, Rustic, Outdoor, Country, WNY, Buffalo area, Private...

  • I would just ask them what they want. Have them suggest the price, if it is too high say I was thinking this.

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  • Thanks Degrea, I though of doing this but I still need a number as a reference, so I know what would be too high of a number for this place, and what is right. Any suggestions will be great!

  • Have you looked into having your wedding at becker farms? They have everything there!! but they only do weddings during the summer, not sure when you are planning on having your wedding. just an idea. I wish i could have my wedding there but were getting married during their peak season!
  • ditto on becker farms,

    also, have you looked at timberlodge

    we're having a fall wedding and originally were looking for a rustic venue, but, now we're doing a more gilded elegant fall theme, you can make it work in even a sort of "traditional" place I think
  • Have you checked out the Red House in Cassadaga? It's beautiful and very very inexpensive. you can have your ceremony and reception at the same place!
  • Have you looked online at O'Briens Sleepy Hollow??  I'm not sure exactly where you are located, so I'm not certain it would work for you. However, if you look it up online, they have a lot of info and pictures. Good luck :-)
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    You may also want to consider your budget... figure out what it would cost for catering, tables, chairs and whatever else you would need if you book at the private location. When you know how much you would have left in your budget, you will have a better idea of what you can offer for use of the property!
  • My brother and sister-in-law had their reception here...it was amazing!
  • Does anyone know where this barn is located? I am also looking for a rustic/fall wedding
  • Hi:
    I am planning a rustic wedding for August 2014 and was wondering if there were any barns located in the Geneva, NY area that are budget friendly.
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