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I need opinions/experiences on another venue! Has anyone looked at this venue or had their wedding there? What has been your experience? Any drawbacks?

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  • I have booked my wedding there and I'm nervous because I am planning it outside in July.  So far they have been very good and I have heard plenty of good reviews.  One of my bridesmaids attended a wedding there in November and she said everything was great including the food!

    I would say try to negotiate things you want before you sign the contract; ask questions.  The banquet chair are okay but they told me that I had to rent chavari chairs ($6.50) or chair covers ($5.00) from them.  I'm just going with the standard chairs.  Also if you do an outdoor wedding you only get 75 chairs.  After that they are $3.75 (that was in the contract).  Little things like that aren't a big deal but I wish I would have asked more questions to calculate some of this before hand. 

    There is a railroad track right across the street.  I am sure they know the schedule because I have never read a complaint about that in any wedding board.  Still I did forget to ask about it.

    Overall though, I am more than pleased with the venue choice so far.  Good luck!
  • Thank you so much for the info! I read about the chivari chairs in the info they sent me today. Were you able to get them to come down on anything in price? I'm going to visit next weekend, and of all the other venues I have looked into, this one seems to be the most affordable.
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    I checked it out one day.  It seemed.... ok.  Definitely affordable.
    I had three main issues:

    1.  We are having lots of guests from out of town and there are no great lodging options nearby.  And not much for them to "do" if they want to explore the area in their free time (although "downtown Norcross" right there is sooooo super cute to me!)
    2.  With about 180 probable guests for us, it meant half the tables inside and half outside for sitting/eating.  She said when this happens usually the older guests are inside and the younger out, since older guests would prefer to have the A/C in warmer months, be warm in cooler months, etc.  I didn't want the big split like that.
    3.  Those train tracks that run right through the heart of downtown Norcross mean you could end up with a loud unexpected guest in the middle of your vows!  Personally it wasn't a dealbreaker for me, but I could see  how some brides would hate that.
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    I attended a wedding reception at Carlyle House a few years ago. It is very pretty but I don't think I would recommend it for a large reception. The dining room felt crowded and the reception itself seemed a bit disjointed because we were all split up into all the different little rooms in the house. I think it would be great if you had under 100 people, but I wouldn't love it for a huge group. Also the parking situation is just ok - the house has a lot and we got there early so we could park conveniently but many of the guests had to park a couple of blocks away in down town. Not horrible, but not the best.

    The trains come through about every 30 or 45 minutes in downtown Norcross.
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  • That's where my wedding is going to be on September 13 and I Love it I'm not to worried about the train we are doing pics on them after the ceremony. We only have 60 guests tops so it's perfect. We did get the Chavari chairs since I hated the chair covers. We love the food we did a food tasting and it was all delicious. 
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