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Ceremony Fire

Hi everyone! I'll be getting married in January and we really want to have an intercultural/spiritual wedding (I was born/raised a Buddhist and grew up with a lot of Hindu inspirations while he is very American and his family has a lot of Western traditions). Part of the ceremony that I really want is going to be a variation on the traditional puja where we use it as more of a ceremonial fire similar to that of traditional Hindu weddings. The problem that we're running into is doing any research for venues that might allow one inside (since it'll be January) or if we do it outside we might want a tent to keep everyone warm (but I'm not sure if there are any tent rental companies that offer fire-ok tent systems). 
My other ideas for warming our guests, if we did this outdoors, would be to set up candles/other warming options (just for the ceremony since the reception would be indoors). Even offering warm drinks like tea, coffee, hot chocolate etc to keep their hands warm. I'm right outside DC so honestly the weather here in winter is completely dependent on the year/day. Most of the time we don't get really cold weather or snow until Feb but just to be careful I want to have that part covered since this fire means a lot to me.
I would appreciate any ideas! Thank you :D

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    We're (hopefully) doing an outdoor wedding in early November.    It could be 70 degrees or it could be snowing here.  Unless it's wet or down right frigid we're keeping it out.   If it's even remotely on the cooler side our guests are going to be greeting with a hot apple cider, specialty drink.  We'll have chimineas set up and lit around the guest seating and our venue (it's a Santa Fe style, western, rustic place) has a collection of native American blankets that they will set in baskets up by the guest book & program table so that anyone who wants one can use one.  We're also emphasizing on our website that it will be outside so that everyone is prepared.
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    I know tipis have fires inside of them, so I'd look into renting a tent that is made of a similar material.

    Good luck.

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