Choosing between two photographers.

I've been looking photographers for months, and now I've finally narrowed it down to two. Who knew making the actual decision would be sooo hard?! Lol.

I'm hoping someone might have some advice from experience, etc. Or maybe you or someone you know has used either one of these photographers and you can give some feedback. I don't know. I'm just looking for any help I can get.

The two I've narrowed it down to are:
Kristi Wright kristiwrightphotography.com
Mint Photography mymintphotography.com

Both have shot weddings at our venue. Both have gorgeous photos, specifically of weddings at our venue.

Kristi is sooo sweet. I feel like she would be great to work with. She is eager to help, answer any questions and even hear about our planning in general, not just photography wise. She genuinely seems to be excited about the chance to be our photographer and work with us throughout the whole process. Her photos are fantastic and I feel like she would be a great fit for what we are looking for. I love her photos. I love her perspective. I feel like the photos I would get from her would tell "our story" so well. They would be something I would look back on no matter how many years have gone by and be able to relive our day over and over. Which is what I'm looking for!

Mint Photography has gooorgeous photos also. I would almost say if it came down to PHOTOS only, I would say I like Mint's slightly more. Emails with them have been friendly enough and they always answer my questions well. But as far as being as personable as Kristi is, that's where I feel they lack.

Response times from both are great. No complaints there. Their prices are very close. Varying about a couple hundred dollars. Maybe I'm not feeling such a personable touch from Mint yet because I haven't officially hired them? But with Kristi, the interest alone in hiring her perks her up. And I think that speaks volumes.

I just, ah! I'm having such a hard time choosing. Do I choose solely based on photos? Or do I choose a photographer who I think will be a strong asset in not only taking great photos but in the day of the wedding and the planning up to that point?

I appreciate any feedback anyone has. Thank you!

Re: Choosing between two photographers.

  • I met with Mint Photography as well. She was sweet, but was as personable as some of the other people, but I think she is just more laid back than some of other photographers in the area. I say go with the one you think you will enjoy working with the most. :-) 

  • I used Kelly at Mint Photography and I could not be happier with the experience. My pictures are beautiful. She was very effective at telling us where and how to pose. She is wonderful.
  • kelly is who i've been emailing with at mint. she seems really nice, and i just can't get over how much i love their photos.

    i'm going to try not to stress about it too much anymore until we finally have some time to actually meet each of them in person. i think that will help make my decision a lot easier.
  • Not to throw in a curve ball, but I just met with Marisa with Captive Art Photography and she was a doll. We hit it off instantly and I can't wait to have her at my wedding. She's a bit young but more talented than a lot of photographers that charged thousands more than she does.

    I would say it's worth a shot to look at her portfolio. She really helped me save a lot of money for after the wedding. I just want to adopt her cute little self into my family forever!

  • Go with the person who you have the best relationship with. This person will be with you for most of the day. I used to shoot weddings. My best pictures and favorite wedding were when I really liked the couple. They are professionals so they will capture the images that you need for your day.
  • marisa does look great. and her price... whoa.

    we actually ended up scheduling a meeting next month with lahra bryant. 99.9% sure we are going to book her. her package includes a lot for at least $500 cheaper than anyone else i was interested in. plus, we can squeeze a photo booth (which fiance really wants) and we are still coming in at almost $1k under our photography budget.

    plus, what i really like, is she doesn't limit the amount of photos they take. so an average wedding can come out with about 1500-1800 photos she said. i saw a couple of her full client galleries and was really happy with the quality.

    i'm looking forward to our meeting.
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