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My mom, who is usually right, thinks my choice of Kate spade's larabee road, china will not last the test of time. She said I will sick of the polka dots in 10 years. I really like it now. Hawthorne is right?

Re: Registry

  • I say register for what you want. But in my opinion depending on the style of the polka dots, I would think it looked childish. But there are others that look nice. So register for them if you like them. No one says you have to keep them forever.
  • A friend of mine registered for that a couple years ago. I think it's adorable...but I thought back then that it's very "now"...and in 20 years I would have no desire to put it on my table.  It's just way too trendy.  I think china should always be something classic.  I look at my mom's china that she received in 1975 and it looks like it was a pattern purchased in the last few years.

  • I agree with PP, pick something that is not too trendy and not too fashionable since trends and fashions change and fade away and even though you may love it now, 20 years down the road your own taste in style might have changed drastically. Pick something that will withstand the test of time, something that is understated and classic, since it will look lovely even decades later.
  • Sorry OP, I'm with your mom. I saw that pattern when we were registering and liked it but I had the same thought as your mom - it's going to look dated. For as much as china costs, I'd look for something a little more timeless.

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