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Ordered my dress 2 sizes smaller...went to pick it up today

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And it fit me perfectly!!! I am so proud of myself and I'm gonna keep going and be healthy!!! I let my haters be my motivators!!! Check out my original thread from when I first ordered it!!! Boom!!
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Re: Ordered my dress 2 sizes smaller...went to pick it up today

  • Go bad a**!! That is amazing, congrats!! You are an inspiration to us all. I read your original thread. I love your positive attitude. I would not like to be one of those haters from your original post right about now ;)


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  • Two sizes in 4 months?!  I NEED that workout plan!  :-)  Hard work and dedication pays off - and alterations are expensive.  I agree that it was VERY risky, but you pulled it off, good for you!  Keep up the hard work!
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    Oh, and congrats, thats pretty bad ass.

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    Thanks @kat&matt Lol @chibiyui
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  • Good for you but what you did should NOT be recommended to most brides. I know many, myself included, who are dealing with snug dresses because they didn't order the appropriate size or their weight fluctuated during the time the order was pending.

  • Congrats! Very excited to you. But just the other day, I read a similar thread where a girl ordered her dress a size smaller and at her final fitting, it was too small and wouldn't zip! There's a reason for the advice. 
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  • I ordered my dress a size smaller and it fits!! You go girl, ppl were being a bit rude and sarcastic on your other thread. You got n your dress and thats all that matters you can do anything if you put your mind to it. :-)
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    Congrats! That's wonderful! Enjoy looking fabulous. Btw, there were no rude or sarcastic posts or even haters.
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  • I am so happy your dress fit. I was in the same situation and did the same thing and it worked out. My girlfriend tried it and wasn't motivated to get the work done, eat right etc, so it ended up being really stressful for her.

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    Holy shit really?!?!  No one was being rude or sarcastic in the other thread.  We were being realistic which is completely different.  There have been many instances where brides order the dress in a size or two smaller then what is recommended and then they come back crying because their dress doesn't fit.  I even gave an example in the other thread about my friend and how that happened to her.

    So great to all the brides where ordering smaller then recommended worked out but to come back and tell us that we were being rude when we told OP that ordering too small was not a great idea is just ridiculous. 

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  • Congrats! Can you share your secrets with us for such amazing results? :)
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  • I have an applicable story to tell. I ordered my dress 3 sizes smaller - everyone advised against it. I ended up losing the weight but even afterwards, I look back on it and think it was a stupid thing to do. I did it because I was too proud to order a bigger size (I could've just got it taken in and NO ONE would have known one way or the other)... 

    I had an allure gown that had a satin underlay w/ a lace overlay. I was in LOVE with it. If I had not lost the weight, guess what I would have had to do? 

    1) ditched my dream dress and bought something off the rack - whether I liked it or not
    2) added "panels" - where they cut the dress on either side and insert what essentially looks like a big patch (imagine that on a wedding dress).

    Anyway, big kudos to anyone who loses weight before their wedding!! Especially if you keep it off and commit to a healthier lifestyle. That's awesome. But as someone who did it, I can't recommend the practice of ordering down in general and I look back at my decision and do a forehead smack. It's so easy for seamstresses to take something in. It's just not worth the risk.

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  • CONGRADS TO YOU!!! You are going to look and feel amazing!! Happy for you
  • WTG, that is freaking awesome.  Haters be hating.  

    Any good tips?
  • I counted my calories and did a lot of working out. I walk 3-4 miles at least 4 days a week and I also lift weights at the gym. It's really hard to stay focused but my fmil is doing it too. She is 65! It is all about calories you put in vs calories you burn. I bought a heart rate monitor to ensure accuracy in my calorie burning. I went on body building websites to get tasty protein recipes so I am not living off of grilled chicken every day :) thanks for all the kind words!!!!!!!
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