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I am having my wedding in late september. Any sugesstions on colors or themes? I am totaly lost on what to choose.

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  • I am also getting married in September 2014 and havent really thought about a theme but the colors will be based around a dark purple like eggplant because that is my favorite color.  His favorite color is camoflauge so I havent quite figured out how to work that in yet. 

    You could go with differnt shades of orange, browns, greens, purples.  It just depends on what colors you like.

  • I'm getting married Sept 2014, the colors I think im going with are navy dresses for the girls with yellow flowers and the guys in light gray since thatis waht my FH wants. :)
  • Hi there! I'm not yet engaged (we have a ring!) but I'm still enjoying pre-planning. I believe our colors will be a goldenrod yellow and gray. I love the juxtaposition of those colors and they are very retro, which is the theme I'm eyeing! I'm very excited. Good luck to you!
  • hi ladies...i'm new here - just moved from may 2014 to september 2014 (after seeing our venue in person we decided on fall instead)...we are going with a "sunset" theme for colors - pinks/oranges/yellows

    I bought some fake flowers at the dollar store to see how they look together any we agreed they are perfect.

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  • We are getting married at an Inn in VT that has a refurb bard for the reception. We are going with Blue and white colors.. not a dark dark blue but a warm blue
  • I wanted colors that were naturally found during the fall.  So I chose orange and red.  I decided then I wanted an accent color to compliment the colors and not make everything so blended (I felt that red dresses with orange and red flowers would get lost and I didn't want black dresses because it might be too Halloween-ish).  Initially I wanted a teal blue for the BM dresses as an accent color but FI said no.  So we agreed on Gray, I'm actually really happy with the colors.
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  • I am going to do a Las Vegas Gazebo Wedding (destination) in late September. My color selection is white, black and tiffany blue to accent.
  • The tip I like about choosing colors is to relax, close your eyes, and envision the overall look and feel that you want for your wedding. That's how I arrived at our colors (which FI thankfully likes as well). We're doing fall as well, and they're completely unrelated to the season. 
  • I am also getting Married mid September in GA, i chose to go with warm orange, taupe, fall feel to the theme.  I love coral and was also thinking of Coral. But it all depends on the venue we choose.  Good luck!  
  • Love the idea...choosing the right venue will help with choosing the right colors:)
  • We just chose our colors based on what we liked. We looked at a lot of different color combinations online and really liked the sapphire blue/apple green (think "peacock") color combination. We didn't factor in the month or season at all - just went with what we liked. We are planning more of a modern-themed wedding and are just in the beginning stages of planning, but at least I can check this off my list! :)
  • We're getting married in September 2014 also!! We decided that green is going to be our central color's a great color for the fall. I really like @beginning2forever "peacock" idea. Good luck!!
  • I have decided to go with a new trend..dark grey and wouldn't think those colors would go good together put I saw a pin on pintrest and fell in love :)
  • Love the colors @brookie1333! Can't wait to see your final result!
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