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Pachelbel's Canon anyone?

Hi! So I'm really into instrumental music and stuff , as well as traditional things.. But am wondering haas anyone tried playing Pachelbel's Canon in D major at their wedding? If so, when and where did they play it? Thanks!

Re: Pachelbel's Canon anyone?

  • Kida07 said:
    Hi! So I'm really into instrumental music and stuff , as well as traditional things.. But am wondering haas anyone tried playing Pachelbel's Canon in D major at their wedding? If so, when and where did they play it? Thanks!
    Canon in D is popular processional choice at weddings. I've played in a number of weddings  - usually we'll play the song for the entire processional and work toward a huge crescendo (aka get really loud) for the entrance of the bride. 

    The best part about this piece is that the musicians can end it virtually every two bars (because it's in a canon), making it very easy to time appropriately. 

    There's lots of new pop versions of this song beyond the traditional quartet version as well - Youtube around to see if you find one you like. 
  • Thanks so much for the info! I'm asking this because I want to play the London Symphony Orchestra version from my IPhone as its a beautiful piece of music but had no idea if anyone had ever tried it before. I would of course have a friend stop the music as soon as I reached the alter, however I believe that this version is wonderful!
  • I'm playing it as my bm and gm walk down the aisle
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  • I'm having a violin/cello string me down the aisle to that... going to be so nice.... it's beautiful... not as overdone/overplayed as the wedding march.
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  • I'm a cellist, and I play weddings regularly.  As the PP said, Canon is one of the easiest pieces to end at a moment's notice.  If you like it, I'd go for it!
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  • a lot of people use this piece in the ceremony. i have heard it in different spots, but usually it is played for the seating of the mothers or the bridal party processional.
  • Also, I have played it for parents, bridal part and also the bride.  I would say it's appropriate for everything but the recessional.
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  • GB520GB520 member
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    I think it's beautiful and I plan on using it to walk down the isle when we get married. I think it's good for the whole party to walk as well.

  • It is a beautiful piece of music!  It is also quite long, which can be a good thing.  I had 5 bridesmaids, 5 groomsmen, 5 flower girls, two junior bridesmaids, two jr groomsmen, and a ring bearer.  The song was long enough to get through all of them with more time to spare!
  • My fiancee's uncle and cousin are going to play this on the guitar and violin for our wedding in October and I am beyond thrilled...I fell in love with this piece of music when I first heard it....I am having a hard time deciding if I want the bridal party to walk down the aisle to the same song as me or not.....
  • We are having it for when I walk down the aisle. It really is a beautiful piece!
  • thejucheideathejucheidea East Nashville, Tennessee member
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    Knowing that she hates it (as I do), my fiance texted one of his groomswomen to say that we were considering using the Canon in D. She replied that she was going to kill him and everything he loved if we had it in the wedding. I find this to be the only response to the most monotonous cello music ever.

  • As a former musician and wedding planner, I have heard this song too many times. I will not be using this in any part of my ceremony. My fiance is also a musician and just as tired of it as I am.
  • This is the song I am using for my bridal processional. My bridesmaids are walking down the aisle to Trumpet Tune - Purcell, and I have a flower girl who will be walking down to Edelweiss :)
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  • As a musician I'm so done with Pachabel's Cannon. It's up there with Pomp and Circumstance. If you love instrumental music set up a pandora station and explore other options too. There is so much more out there that could be beautiful processional music. I'm toying with the idea of trying to work some Whitacre into my wedding... we'll see if I can make it happen without dumbing it down.
  • I'm using it for my girls to walk down the aisle, I've sung in about 100 weddings and I still can't get enough of that one. It's lovely, lilting, and blends beautifully with the song I'll be walking to. But honestly it wouldn't matter if it didn't since I've been in love with the piece for 20 years.
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