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Hi everyone,

I have never posted on here before but lately I have been having a lot of dress doubt about the dress I purchased. It is a Robin Jillian gown from her new 2014 line so I will not get the dress until a month before the wedding plus there are no pics of the dress online so this makes it even more stressful! I love the ruffle skirt but now i am not sure if I should have gone with something more form fitting because I am petite. I think I am freaking out because I won't get to see it in person or on the computer for a very long time and by then it will be so close to the wedding that I won't be able to change even if I wanted to. It makes it doubly hard because the person I talk to about things like this when i'm freaking out or nervous is my fiance and I want him to be surprised about my gown. I thought I would post these pics of me in the dress to see what everyone thinks, maybe it will help ease my mind a little :)

Re: Dress Doubt

  • Pics for above post.
  • That is a beautiful dress!!!! I love your veil as well! I think it looks very nice on you--and it definitely suits you. The ruffle skirt isn't overpowering even though you're petite, I think it's just right :)
    I, too, get anxious when I don't see my dress...I think it's normal, since you're playing the waiting game until it comes in. But rest assured it's lovely!
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    I agree with Nada.  I think you look great in that dress.  The ruffle skirt is not overpowering because it is light and airy.  Now if it was heavy satin then yeah that may be overpowering on your petite frame.

    Could you go back to the salon and try it on again?  The hardest part is waiting for the dress to come in so you can see it on yourself again.  But there is nothing saying that you can't go back and retry just that dress on.  If you have the same giddy feelings as you did the first time then you can stop worrying.

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  • I have a petite friend who bought a similar style dress.  When it came in, she had them remove a layer of crinoline from under the skirt to make the a-line more subtle.  It didn't overpower her.  If you feel like it is too much when you get it back you could do the same thing.
  • I am 5'3 and like 115lbs. The skirt on my Allure 8862 dress was very similar to yours and I felt the same way. It will look great. You'll enjoy it. I also thought I would get like a column or trumpet style dress. It looks great on you.

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  • Thanks everyone, I feel much better with your kind words and advice I think I'm just anxious waiting for it to come in and for my fiancé to see it so I'm getting freaked out!
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    That dress looks great on you!  Stop worrying.  :)
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    I think it looks wonderful on you.
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  • That dress is gorgeous! Looks great on you.
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  • I love it! You look beautiful.
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  • gorgeous!  quit doubting, you look beautiful :) 
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