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Trying to stay in shape while pregnant

So my wedding date is January 2014. I don't have my wedding dress picked out yet because I'm currently 26 weeks pregnant! I'm trying to think of a good way to stay in shape while I'm pregnant and not be worried about not being able to lose the weight before my wedding date. I'm due in November and as soon as I recover from the birth I plan on working out as much as I possibly can. Does anyone have any advice on how to keep my weight from getting too bad while I'm pregnant and advice on good workouts to help out after the baby? 

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    **I'm not a doctor. This is just what my doctor had told me when we talked about getting pregnant in the future...

    What was your workout routine like before you were pregnant? If you didn't workout or rarely worked out then I wouldn't try to start or push yourself now. Walking would probably be best and eating clean and not packaged/processed foods.

    If you did workout before then you can pretty much continue what you were doing (with modifications!). I have a friend that is 20 weeks pregnant and she still runs 3 miles once a week and comes to crossfit 3 times a week and she's perfectly fine. The only difference is that now she's slower and doesn't max out on weight. Our coaches are very adament on the "talk test". If you're working out and cannot have a full conversation without being out of breath then you are going too hard and need to slow it down.
  • I didn't do much exercise before than but I do try to walk whenever I can :) Guess I'll stick with that until after baby is born
  • I was just surfing amazon to see how much "What to expect when you are expecting" was, and came across the eating right version.'re+expecting

    Maybe you could pair walking and staying active with eating healthy. :) Good luck. :)
  • Thank you :D
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