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Not the support I expected from my family.

So my FH and I have been together for about a year, and we are meant to be. I knew that I would marry him the first day I met him. We are two very christian, very happy and very in love individuals. The ONLY problem is MY unsupportive family. Every family member I tell about my wedding keeps insisting that we are getting married too soon. On the other hand FH family has been the backbone and support system to my wedding and my church is also 100% supportive. But it really does hurt that everyone on my side has nothing but negative things to say, cant they just congratulate me and be happy for me? Can't they see how happy we are and how much love we have for each other?

With their approval or not I am still going to have a beautiful, blessed wedding.

What should I do? I am tired if explaining how  in love and happy I am. ( Also we are getting married 3 months post proposal. Like as said as christians we dont live together yet and we are dying to start our happy lives together and see what God has in store for us.The "quickness of our wedding is my pessimistic families main concern... and NO im not pregnant. WE are saving ourselves for marriage)

Re: Not the support I expected from my family.

  • Hi, I'm sorry you're family is not being the support system they should be. Several of my best friends got married within 6 months of their engagement. Like you said being Christian with a strong set of standards. I'm not sure if talking to your family will help but at the root of it I'm sure they're trying to be helpful, protective and truly don't understand where your coming from. I remember sharing scriptures about the world not understanding the light.
    Good luck to you and I hope your family comes around!
  • I don't know how old you are but you don't have to explain anything to anybody. Especially if you are paying for the wedding on your own. They can be supportive or not, it really doesn't matter, as long as you are certain about your love and committment that's all that matters. 
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  • I'm guessing that your family is probably very surprised that you are getting married so quickly and that you've gotten engaged after less than a year together. That's your choice, but I don't think they are wrong for being concerned. I also don't know how old you are, which could make a difference as well and be part of why they are worried.

    At the end of the day it is your choice to make, but your family isn't going to magically come around and agree with what you are doing. So you either slow down and postpone the wedding for a bit, or you proceed as planned and know that you will likely deal with the backlash for awhile.

    I'm curious, does your family have any relationship with your FI or know him well? Perhaps their concern also lies in not knowing much about him and being worried.


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