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Where can I get an aisle runner?

I am getting married at my church November 23rd in West Bloomfield, MI and I would love to get a white aisle runner. Does anyone know where I can rent one or buy one for a reasonable price?

Thanks! :)


  • I think ours came from oriental trading co.

  • I would skip it totally and here is why. Depending on what the floor is in your church, you may have to tape down the isle runner in advance (also some churches won't allow them depending on what the floor surface like if it's marble or tile). If they require it to be taped down, you need to plan for your ushers or signs to direct people to different doors to enter into the pews (I know, churches typically have a middle and side entrances). Even if you do that, if you have the mothers escorted in, they will walk on the runner before you along with the BM. If the runner isn't taped down there is a very good chance it will go off center. Not a big deal until your photographer trys to get a shot of you from behind to show off the back of your beautiful dress and your train and the runner is all wrinkled up and off center. It will take away from the shots of your dress. Also it can create a tripping hazard for any of your BM (and you) if you wear heels on the way up to the alter and on the way back down.

    Now if you can do it where it if put out before you walk down the isle & you are the only one walking on it, then you can avoid the above issues. I'm not trying to be negative, but just sharing the information I received about runners from my church and my photographer

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