Winter Wedding Lake Tahoe

Hello everybody!  My fiance and I are planning our wedding for February-ish of 2014.  I have family in Sacramento, but all of hers are on the East Coast.  Neither of us has spent too much time up in the Sierras but we want an outdoor ceremony in the snow with an indoor reception.  Can anybody recommend a location that knows the area?  Thanks in advance! :)

Re: Winter Wedding Lake Tahoe

  • Hey, Bryan! We're in the same type of bind except we're going to be spending our honeymoon at the lake also. We're also thinking outdoor reception as well, but are on the fence about that one. Anyway, I don't have a definite answer for you, but I have been trying to research it. A lot of it is based on budget too. I grew up in CA's central valley and lived in Sacramento for six years, so I've visted Tahoe many times. I'll keep you posted as I research actual venues and if you could please do the same, it would be so appreciated! Thanks. :-)
  • I've photographed a few winter weddings at Northstar at Tahoe, it's a great venue to have an outdoor ceremony with an indoor reception. I did one last December where the bride and groom snowboarded down to the ceremony site, which was awesome. :-)
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