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Rhode Island

B&B or House Rentals in Narragansett

Does anyone know of a good B&B around the Narragansett area? I want to stay somewhere with my bridesmaids the night before the wedding and have a place for all of us to get ready together, then stay with the hubby on our wedding night. I know there aren't a lot of lodging options in Narragansett (being so close to the beach, they can get away with outdated rooms for crazy prices)... I really want something that looks more modern so I have a decent backdrop for "getting ready photos". I also didn't want to be too far (i.e. Newport) since I don't want to pay my photographer to drive around and not sure on the traffic situation for Memorial Day Weekend. I would love to rent a house if there isn't more than a 3-day minimum. 


Re: B&B or House Rentals in Narragansett

  • Tower House Bed and Breakfast!!
  • We're getting married in Narragansett next week, and we have guests staying in the Blueberry Cove Inn, Grinnell Inn, Sheppards Place, Tower House, and Shells by the Sea. Shells is a few miles up Boston Neck, but it's gorgeous and modern--more like a really nice, big house that a family could live in that has extra rooms and bathrooms. GORGEOUS backyard for pictures. 
  • cindylz - I've received other recommendations for Tower House B&B but two of the four rooms are taken :(

    Would it be awkward to stay if there's a family on vacation downstairs or down the hall and it's the night of our wedding (if you know what I mean....)?

    lisabeats - thanks for the recommendations... I'll check these out too!
  • Awwww, I was gonna say the tower house B&B. I've rented the whole place out for my wedding in september but i did over a year ago. How about the blueberry cove inn? or the village inn?
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  • My brother was married in Narragansett last October, and my family rented a fantastic house two blocks off the water. Sounds like you prefer a B&B, but I'm just throwing it out there -- it was a great, place, plenty of space and bedrooms, comfortable and the owner lives in town/owns a coffee shop around the corner. She's super helpful, and I thought the cost was pretty reasonable for a full weekend!
  • Hi Irishbird78, would you mind sending me the details regarding the house rented by your family? I am getting married next August in the Narragansett area and there will be quite a few people renting for the week. Thanks.
  • Irishbird78 - Thanks for the idea! Do you mind sending me a private message with the details? Thank you :)
  • The blueberry cove inn was not what we hoped...expensive and not very nice.
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  • lisabeats - thanks so much for the recommendation for Shells by the Sea! My fiance and I met with Shell (who is super chill!) this past weekend to check out the house. It was awesome and we're going to rent out the whole place for our close friends and bridal party. It's really great that the third floor has a more private suite just for us :) so excited! Do you and/or your guests end up having a good experience there?
  • Yes, we absolutely loved everything about it. I agree she is super chill (slash I'm pretty sure a major wino but there is no judgment there). This already sounds creepy to say but we had the private suite upstairs as well, and it was perfect. I got ready downstairs with all of my BMs and there was plenty of room to have the hair and makeup people come in, and have a slumber party with the girls the night before. The back deck/patio area are so relaxing, I literally don't think I could have asked for a better spot to stay calm and get ready that morning. It was scenic, quiet, spacious, and beautiful- and yet still just a few minutes away from where all the craziness went on down the road. Hope it all works for you. PM me if you have any other questions.
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