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Newbie looking for motivation :)

I've been a lurker but I'm in need of motivation, hoping you ladies can help me out :) A little background..... Me and fiance have been together for 7 yrs both 27, I got engaged last oct and getting married early nov. '13 that's less than 3 months!! I've been exercising and eating healthy but have about 15-20lbs to go, depending on how I tone up and my body looks i may be happy w 15 :) I've read such great tips and hearing your ladies stories is great motivation!!! Also me and the fiancé had decided a few months ago to try and get pregnant right after the wedding! No pressure lol so I'm excited, nervous, and hope it just adds to the motivation of getting in shape, I've also been lurking on the bump. Anyone else getting married real soon or can relate with wanting a baby after the wedding? What have you ladies done to get nice and toned? One of my goals right now is to drink tons of water! Thanks for reading and hope to participate more :)

Re: Newbie looking for motivation :)

  • Oh wow!! Congratulations on the upcoming wedding!!!! :) It'll be here before you know it! Have you gotten your dress yet? When is your last fitting? You'll want to make sure you are at your "happy weight" by then so it will perfect for the big day. :)

    That is so exciting ya'll are going to start trying right after the wedding!! 

    First off, is 15-20lbs realistic? Don't get TOO skinny because it can hurt your infertility.But if it's in reason, here are a few things I am doing to get ready for the big day!! :)

    • I focus on having protein, veggies/fruit, and a healthy fat at every meal. I did the Whole 30 a few months ago for the first time, and I absolutely loved it. It's not a fad diet by any means. It's basically eating stuff from the ground and skipping processed stuff. :)
    • I carry healthy snacks and shake packets with me all the time. Just in case I am out and get hungry -- the snacks help me from going to fast food places. 
    • I do a shake once a day just because it helps me stay focused and it's easier to prep than a salad, but its a total personal call (if you need shake ideas just let me know--I have an embarrassing amount of recipes lol)
    • I lift weights 2 times a week and do high intensity interval (HIIT) workouts 3 days a week.1 day I get to pick what I want to do (hiking, rock climbing, walking the dog, yoga, pilates, etc). HIIT workouts are short so you can be done in about 25-30 minutes or less. :) A lot of the HIIT workouts use your own body weight to tone your muscles as well, and they blast fat faster than traditional cardio. I workout at home most days to DVDs because it's easier for me than driving to a gym (I'm in the boondocks lol)
    • Don't starve or deprive yourself. Every single time I diet, I end up binging on the third day. I think it's mental, but I have a small (about 100-250 calorie) treat every can be whatever I want but it has to be in my calorie limit. Does that make sense?
    • Find a group to support you -- whether it's here or facebook. I'm a good private group onFB where I share my progress with other girls and it helps me stay focused. :) I can add you if you want if it would help, but there are a bunch of threads here too :)
    • Get enough sleep -- They've shown 8 hours helps your metabolism and other hormones which will help with a baby too :)
    I hope that helps! :) If you have any questions or want to see what I've been eating (I lost 1-2lbs a week and am at goal weight. Now I am working on toning) I can send them to you, but I'm not a nutritionist or anything. Just love this kind of stuff :P

  • I would love to see what you have been eating! I also would like to lose about 15 pounds, but my wedding is not for a year. I have lost a little bit, but it has been a slow process. My problem is that I am weird about meat and so I don't get enough protein, although I eat a lot of fruits/veggies.  My other problem is that I eat a lot of carbs because they are so cheap and easy...and delicious.... but what would be a good protein substitute for something other than meat?  I do a lot of walking and yoga but I am interested in the HIIT workouts- do you have any recommendations for free websites with access to these workouts?
  • I just private messaged you the link to the meal plans I have shared online :)
  • I know this is about a month old, but I was lurking as well on this board, and I am too looking for a healthy start so I can get in shape for my wedding! I'm not really looking to lose a bunch of weight, just tone my tummy real nice for the wedding :) Would you mind sending me your meal plans as well, @SoreyFitness? It would be greatly appreciated! 
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  • You have a lot of wonderful ideas!
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