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Anyone have suggestions on an alternative to slideshow during the reception?
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Re: Slideshow Alternatives

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    I mean, there are tons of alternatives, including just skipping the slideshow altogether! I'm sure your guests will have a great time just sitting and chatting with one another or dancing instead.

    If you want to show something on a screen that isn't as intensive as a slideshow, if you have any old home videos of you or your fiance as small children, you can have them transferred to a DVD pretty inexpensively and show a couple of cute moments.

    Or if you don't have access to a screen or don't want to show anything, and you have a DJ, you could do one of those little games where you sit with your fiance back-to-back on the dance floor and hold each other's shoes in each hand. The DJ asks questions like "Who takes longer in the shower?" and you each raise the shoe of the person you think is correct. It's cute and cheesy but if you're a lighthearted couple it could be really fun to watch and get a lot of laughs.

    If you (or your parents) want to show photos at the reception, you could have an album near the cake and/or guest book for people to flip through instead of making everyone watch something on a projector.

    Let me know why you *don't* want a slideshow and I can offer more alternatives!

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