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Mrs. Jefferson BABY!!!!!! (PIP)

Well ladies my day turned out awesome! We arrived in Chicago on Wednesday and finished up the final details.  So this is how my weekend went........

Friday we woke up and I went to get my daughter (she was with her dad for the summer) and we got mani/pedi together. Just some mother daughter time before things got crazy. We wore our tanks I made Bride and Flower Girl (came out super cute). Then we ran some errands and met up with my bridesmaids. We all rode out to the hotel to get ready for the reherasal. My FI was suppose to bring the flowers to the rehersal so that we could put them together and of course he forgot them. So after rehersal my mom and sis rode to the city to get my flowers and I did not get them until 9:00pm. So I did not get to go out because we were stuck doing my bouquets. My bouqets turned out beautiful and we layed down because the ceremony was at 11:30.

Saturday woke up @ 6:30am everyone was still sleeping and I said a prayer and started moving around. I could not sit still so I went to look for spots outside for pictures. I got a cup of cofee and started bringing things down to the coordinators office. My stylist arrived at 9:30 and got started on my daughter and then me we finished at 11:20 with 10mins left for me to get dressed and down stairs. Of course that did not happen, I did make it down by 11:45 though. Ceremony started at 12noon (30mins late). My Ceremony was awesome and we had a blast at the reception. I would not change anything about my day!

PS. It is worth all the work to see the results and  I went DIY crazy!

Thanks ladies for all the support and wonderful ideas!! 


Re: Mrs. Jefferson BABY!!!!!! (PIP)

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