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THEHotel to Delano: Fate of Mix

With the transformation of THEHotel over to The Delano set to kick off late this year, has anyone heard news on the fate of the amazing lounge Mix? I toured the space a few weeks ago on my first scouting trip, and chatted with the wedding staff about the venue as a reception space. We're looking at an early Winter 2015 timeframe, and nothing about a possible remodel/closure came up. While I think we'll wind up looking elsewhere (the Saturday night buyout room minimum was too high for our party of apx 50, but much better costwise for double or triple the guests for those considering), my fiancé and I looooove Mix and definitely want to do our after party in the lounge. Hopefully, any changes for rebranding are on the minimal side, and the venue stays in similar style and atmosphere, and alterations don't impact anyone's plans! I plan on going back out to LV with my guy to look at venues in the next few months for a dual recon, and will report back any info I find out. If anyone on the boards has intel, please post!

Re: THEHotel to Delano: Fate of Mix

  • Ohhhh good point! Although I might add that sometimes staff are completely in the dark until the night before or even day of the closing. (For example, a spat of sudden closings at Venetian/Palazzo took staff by surprise: 

    Keep some other places in mind and plan cautiously would be my move. Also you never know what new awesome stuff will open when Delano does! 

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  • I spoke to the manager about this last fall and as of that point in time, the restaurant had a contract through May of 2014.  After that who knows.  I hope it never goes away lol, would suck going back for anniversaries and the place we got married was gone.

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