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I am still deciding on a venue? I found one I like and it is reasonably priced. My only thought is maybe rent a tent for our backyard and do it there to save money. I am not sure though.the only thing I worry about is the weather because up here in Michigan it can be unpredictable.  any thoughts and opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Re: tent?

  • We're having a tent and the wedding is in Iowa, so I'm in the same situation with unpredictable weather! 
    My biggest concern with the tent is that I know it will take time for the people to set it up, plus we'll be renting tables and chairs as well, so I feel like it will be a last minute rush to get all of the linens, centerpieces, and everything else set up in the tent.  I want to rent the tent for Friday as well, just to get everything set up, but I think that will cost us twice as much! 
    But even with the cost of the tent rental, I think we will still be able to save money in other areas.
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  • You may want to look into the tent rental, often the majority of the cost is the set-up and breakdown, and having it for the extra day might not be that much more expensive.
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