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Advice P90x or Insanity?

So my fiance and I work out pretty regularly (4-5 times a week) and have been on the South Beach Diet since May of this year. We are getting married in November and are looking for a last regimen to step our routine up a notch and get more defintion. I have lost 20lbs and my fiance is close to 30lbs since May. 

I am looking for something we can both do and most workout DVDs are too cheesy for my fiance to do with me. I was going to do Brazil Butt Lift on my own but now that he wants to join I am thinking Insanity or P90x might be better options. I am leaning towards Insanity and he seems to like P90x better. Any advice which might be better for both of us? I am thinking P90x will make me more bulky but I may be wrong. 

Re: Advice P90x or Insanity?

  • I did both of those programs and actually did TWO rounds of INSANITY. They are both really good and no you will not get bulky as it's meant to lean out the females and bulk up the males. If you have the room, do the INSANITY because it gets you going all over the place. P90X I was into because you were not doing all the running around but I hate pull-ups and I some times hated listening to Tony Horton with his cheesy workout lines lol Shaun T is the man and he makes you feel like you can go at your own pace and you sweat like crazy with INSANITY. You need a few pieces of equipment with P90X but with INSANITY you just need YOU! I leaned out a lot with both and felt great. Just keep that diet going along with one of these programs and you both will look amazing! Congrats on the your current weight loss though, that's great!!
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  • Thanks for your response! I showed my fiance your post and convinced him we should try insanity. Hopefully it goes well :)

    The thought of doing pull ups was scaring me and now I don't have to worry about it. 
  • Congrats on your weight loss!  It sounds like you guys are already on a good track!

    We have both programs, my H prefers P90X, but I prefer Insanity.  Though the workouts are extremely tough, I actually find them pretty fun.  Shaun T is a great motivator, and the videos are made in a way that make you not feel like a slacker for not being able to keep up because the people doing to workout continually take breaks too.  Also, especially for planning to do the workouts together, Insanity is a great choice because you don't need any equipment.  On the few occasions where my H and I did the P90X videos together, it was a PITA because we'd have to take turns using the equipment, which takes longer and you loose your heart rate groove while you're waiting.
  • You may have already decided on Insanity, but if you own either one -- you could do a hybrid. I have both, and the hybrid is my favorite because it mixes strength and harder cardio together. It is aweesommee! I can send you the one I did if you want. 

    If the hybrid isn't an option -- I would do Insanity because it's less equipment, time, and it doesn't take up as much room as p90X if ya'll are doing it together. Make sure that you are eating enough though. I have known several people to plateau with it because there bodies were literally starving for more food.
  • We don't have either yet and wanted to invest in one for now. I think I will take both of your advice and start with Insanity. Thanks for the tip on nutrition...we will definitely amp up our eating. We have been eating to lose weight but I realize if we add such difficult workouts we will need more fuel. I am thinking P90x post wedding and if I don't like it as much, maybe we can transition to the hybrid.

    Thanks ladies :) You have definitely helped us decide which to start.
  • That sounds perfect!! :)
  • @SoreyFitness, do you think you can send me the hybrid. I have a feeling I will need in a few months :)

    I'll PM you my email
  • There's a spreadsheet somewhere on teambeachbody that's formulated to give you your caloric intake.  It takes your height/weight, if you are planning to lose weight, your activity level (per Insanity levels), etc.  The meal planning guide/recipe book has it in the front too I think.
  • Oh great! Thanks @Pepper6...I am going to look for that tonight then so we can actually plan our meals before we start the program. I hate feeling unprepared!
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    Sorry for the sorta thread jack, but how long are the individual Insanity workouts??  And how many days per week do you go??  Have you ever done Insanity with other workouts on different days (like with a trainer or on a sports team)??  Every summer I think I should start, but then realize we'd be on vacation part way through.  Now that school is back in, I run out of time for long workouts.  

  • @WinstonsGirl I haven't done it yet, but from what I have seen they are 45 minutes 6 days a week. Hopefully someone else can answer your other question regarding mixing it with other workouts.
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    I have mixed Insanity with Jillian Michaels, both work well.  Insanity is meant to be a 2 month cycle, then a break from it.  Otherwise your body gets used to what you're doing.  It's called muscle confusion, it's more effective for losing weight.
  • So we started Insanity this week...if anybody is thinking about doing's tough but honestly it's great and Shaun T is super motivating. 

  • So glad you like it!!! :) I can't wait to hear about your results! :) 

    @Natswild -- Jillian's workouts are tough too! I wish she was a little nicer, but I know some people like the bootcamp style better lol. I always want to hit her when she says "you should feel like your dying" in shred lol! 
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